How to Spy on Your Competitor’s Social Media Content

November 29, 2017

11:30 am

Being in the know about what your competition is doing to get ahead is part of the entrepreneurial game. You probably have a team developing spreadsheets galore with prediction models analyzing the market, sales forecasts, customer acquisition, and more. But do you really know about your competition’s social messaging and why it’s doing so well?

These days, a company without a strong social media campaign and on-going engagement strategy with customers is leaving money on the table. To gain more insight into a competitor’s traction on social media platforms and why they are attracting customers, founders are spying on them through the Social Insider Pro software.

This platform will give you a glimpse into your competitor’s content performance: when they post, their engagement metrics, audience growth since the day the page or profile was created, and their overall digital strategy. Also, using the platform’s machine learning algorithms, Social Insider Pro will get you behind the scenes access to their content strategy, how often they boost their posts and the ratio between boosted and non-boosted posts.

Through the Social Insider Pro, you’ll receive a lifetime subscription to the platform and access to these features:

  • See the ratio between boosted vs. non-boosted posts for competitors
  • View their historical post data and page evolution
  • Record competitor past social media efforts
  • Study the most active and engaged fans for any Facebook page
  • Get multi-page comparison
  • Keep an eye on a competitor's digital performance and audience growth
  • Correlate data with marketing actions
  • See when people comment on a page
  • Perform a gender analysis in comments and reactions
  • Save time and energy with white label reports
  • View Instagram profile growth over time
  • Learn how to optimize your content on Instagram
  • Monitor your competitors’ hashtags
  • Measure your Instagram efforts against your top competitors

It’s like having a personal social media 007 in your arsenal that can help you gain an advantage over your competition.

The Social Insider Pro with the lifetime subscription is available on the TechCo Shop for $29.99. That’s so cheap considering all the knowledge you’ll gain about your competition.

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