How to Give Your Business an Edge in 2016

July 19, 2016

9:00 pm

No matter which line of business you are in, the competition never sleeps. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep your company well-positioned in the race for customers.

Most if not all businesses have access to the same staple tech tools that are vital for a successful launch, so it’s necessary to dig a little deeper to find an accelerator. The following ideas might work under the right circumstances, so it’s important to learn more about the methods discussed below and how to implement them.

Distributed Services

Instead of investing in their own hardware, many companies are opting to use third-party servers to perform numerous functions, including customer-facing operations. For example, a company might outsource its marketing analytics or customer support duties to focusing the available resources on core competences. Customers are often unable to tell the difference and in some cases remotely delivered service could be even better than the in-house alternative, while the cost-cutting benefits speak for themselves.

Business owners would do well to get familiar with the best cloud computing solutions specialized for supporting small and medium businesses and the time to act is now.

Native Advertising

In the overcrowded media space of today, shouting louder than others won’t get you the desired results. Speaking in a voice that users recognize is a much better approach, and that’s the reason why native advertising is taking over the digital marketing world.

These ads have the same look and feel as editorial content on the same publishing platform, and can sometimes resemble authentic articles so much that these ads are required to be clearly marked to avoid misleading the readers. However, native ads aren’t popular for their stylistic qualities – data implies that click-through rates and conversion rates are up to five times better when this principle is applied appropriately.

Interactive video

Dynamic content formats draw far more attention than static pages, and interactive video is one of the best ways to make your site more exciting. We’re not talking about traditional video presentations here – modern technology allows practically unlimited number of angles and real-time interaction. In some industries, this 360° video technology has found immediate application in the poker industry among others, significantly boosting user engagement. This is hardly a surprise considering how futuristic the system looks. After all, interactive systems are fun to use, even when they serve a serious business purpose. That provides a lot of motivation for new customers to get on board and experience your services firsthand, with some of them hopefully becoming permanent clients.


In 2016, customers are increasingly likely to use smartphones instead of wallets – and companies that don’t support this payment method risk losing an entire segment of the market. With the maturation of online payment services and nearly universal utilization of Android or iOS phones, m-payment is becoming a vital service for digital businesses.

By allowing your customers to pay with a simple tap, you demonstrate the forward-thinking philosophy of your company and simultaneously boost your revenues on the short term. That’s a win-win strategy that completely justifies the initial investment in software upgrades and system security.

3D Printing

The idea to create physical objects based on computer-generated blueprint isn’t new, but in recent years, 3D printing technology has made a huge leap forward. Affordable printers are now capable of producing very precise models and are being used for a stunningly broad range of duties, from house construction to medical aid customization. It goes without saying that global popularity of this tech is followed by a financial boom, and companies that manage to grab good positions early may benefit from this move in a big way once the industry goes mainstream.

Staying well-informed about the present state of affairs in 3D printing is a pretty smart idea, even if you are not sure how to use this knowledge yet.

With the level of competition tougher than ever, finding a clear competitive advantage is becoming a challenging exercise. Fortunately, the link between technology and business is a two-way street, since technologies that bring a large advantage in the marketplace typically receive far more R&D funds. With this, innovations can finally be giving smaller companies the tools they need to compete in a competitive business market.

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