HP’s PageWide Pro Let Me Print Origami without a Computer

July 29, 2016

3:00 pm

This article was brought to you in partnership with HP, whose new line of HP Business Printers reinvents business printing through its cost-effective, high-quality, and hassle-free technology.

In case you don’t know, I acquired a brand new printer a few months ago – an HP PageWide Pro MFP 477dw business printer to be exact. While I’ve rarely gotten much use out of printers in recent years, the mere functionality of HP’s new line of business printers has provided me with a few different things to explore. Most recently, I tested out the PageWide Pro to see how it would hold up against an activity I wanted to get into: origami. The result? The combination of HP’s new PageWide printer cartridges along with its WiFi Direct and NFC capabilities allowed me to print everything I needed without really needing to actually open up my computer.

Printing from My Phone Was Not Only Convenient but Actually Quicker

I’m no printer expert, but I have used office printers before. And, unlike any office printer I’ve ever used, the PageWide Pro let me seamlessly print something directly from my phone to my computer – at a rate that was actually faster than it was when I tried printing something from my computer. Using the printer, I printed several different origami sheet patterns for me to use.

For one of my origami sheets, I Photoshopped a picture of Beyonce into a pattern. I then sent the print command from my MacBook to the PageWide Pro. It took about eight seconds from the time I hit the “print” command in Photoshop to the time the PageWide Pro received the command and printed my pattern. While, yeah, that’s pretty fast for a printer (especially considering we’re dealing with Photoshop here), I was actually more impressed by the speed with which the printer responded to print commands from my phone.


Best kind of origami paper pattern IMHO.

Because HP’s line of business printers allows you to seamlessly connect over Wi-Fi, I actually cropped and printed out a few pics right from my phone. Trying both through my home Wi-Fi network and through HP’s Wi-Fi Direct Printing (which allows you to print directly to the printer without any kind of network), I managed to use my phone to print nearly all of the origami paper patterns I wanted to use. Yes – HP’s PageWide Pro actually consistently responded much more quickly when I sent a print command directly from my phone – around five or six seconds from the time I hit the “print” command to the time the printer responded and printed my pattern.


On my iPhone, I used HP’s All-in-One remote app to crop and print this picture I took at the beach, but you can also conveniently use AirPrint – all without setup.

HP’s PageWide Cartridges: Fast and Nearly Flawless

HP claims that its new line of business printers have the best-in-class ISO speeds – at up to 40 PPM (pages per minute) in professional mode and up to 55 PPM in general office mode. It also claims to have one of the fastest first-page printing speeds in its class.

First-page printing was without a doubt lightning-fast for all-color prints – probably one second in general office mode and a little closer to two seconds in professional mode. To test one of the PPM claims, I printed out five copies of the same pattern in professional mode. This took eight seconds. Doing the math, the PPM speed for my test would’ve been at 37.5 PPM, which is pretty close to HP’s claim. These are high-quality, colored prints, so the speed was really impressive considering the patterns I was printing and considering this is an ink printer (which, honestly, I completely forgot because of how fast everything was printing).

The quality of the resulting prints themselves were stunning (taking into consideration that this is a business printer and not a photo printer, and considering the fact that I was using everyday printer paper). And, when it came down to actually working with the prints to fold them into various origami creatures, there was no fading or smearing. Even when multiple creases were formed in a sheet, there was little to no trace of color fading; it seemed almost that I was actually using actual origami paper and not home-printed ones.


The kinds of patterns I tested on the HP PageWide Business Pro.

It’s Got a Neat Screen!

Maybe I’m just some kind of printer luddite, but the handy 4.3-inch touchscreen on the HP PageWide Pro MFP 477dw is pretty great. Again, without even having to get on your computer, you can actually manage various different tasks on it (from your standard “copy” to more complicated “scan to email”). Mostly, I liked how it gives you a little preview of what you’ve scanned or copied.


You even get a preview of what your scan looks like before you send a scan.


I scanned every origami creature I made. You can check out some of them below, thanks to the HP PageWide Pro.

You can check out HP’s full line of new business printers here.

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