The Salesforce of Candidate Recruiting and Tracking: How iCIMS Can Improve Your Startup’s Productivity

October 7, 2012

12:00 pm

As a company, you’re only as good as the people who comprise it.  As a startup, your roster size is limited, which serves only to compound this effect.  With unemployment sitting just above the 8% mark, listing an open position will undoubtedly result in a flood of applicants.  Managing this storm of candidates is as time consuming as it is unavoidable.  How efficiently you manage this process can make the difference between hours wasted digging through e-mails and sorting spreadsheets, and finding the right candidate and moving them through the hiring process seamlessly.

Just ask Ken Colley, a senior manager at eMentum, a DC-based management and IT consultancy.

“We needed to find the right person with the right experience fast…It became too hard to sift through all the resumes we had and to find the right fit when a new contract came in.”

This was when eMentum tracked their recruits by way of Excel spreadsheets.  The sheer mass of incoming applicants was more than Loretta Wood, the company’s HR manager, could handle. “Tracking where applicants came from was nearly impossible. We couldn’t send mass emails to those applicants that we rejected, and it was hard to communicate with each candidate individually,” says Wood.  This frustration began to compound when the company decided to get ahead of the game by lining up candidates for positions that wouldn’t be opening for a half year down the road.

A change was needed.

Enter iCIMS NOW.  Based out of Matawan, NJ, iCIMS offers web-based talent acquisition solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. One of their solutions, iCIMS NOW, stands out as the perfect fit for growing startups like eMentum. “We had a desire to make our jobs easier, become light on our feet, and more efficient,” says Colley.

Since improving efficiency is the ultimate HR goal, can iCIMS NOW deliver?

In a nutshell, yes.

Essentially, iCIMS NOW is to candidates as Salesforce is to customers.  First, the service removes paper applications and digitizes the process, delivering this information to a central database.  Additionally, the service automates communication with applicants.  iCIMS NOW also includes social media integration, a funnel for applicants to easily share their Facebook profiles, to add to your company’s candidate pool (and more importantly, peer into the real candidate at hand).

For eMentum, above all, organizing all the applicants that had come through pre-iCIMS NOW proved to be most valuable.Says Colley, “The ability to put our entire back-log into the system from non-traditional resources like email was huge. That made us much more efficient.”

How much time will iCIMS NOW save your startup?  There’s no hard and fast answer – ultimately, the amount of energy your startup invests into candidate recruiting, tracking, communicating, and interviewing, will dictate how useful such a service would be to your company.  It was money well spent for eMentum.

If you’ve recently raised funding and are looking to expand quickly, iCIMS NOW could very well be a success story for your startup.  Take a tour of their service and find out for yourself.

This article was sponsored by iCIMS, the leading provider of talent acquisition software solutions for growing businesses.

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