IKEA and Rainmaking Join Forces to Launch a Startup Bootcamp

May 30, 2017

3:30 pm

Their Swedish furniture is found in coworking spaces, college dorms, maybe your home or office. IKEA is dipping into the early-stage world and has joined forces with Rainmaking to launch the first program for startups: IKEA Bootcamp.

Rainmaking is a global cooperative of entrepreneurs who run startups and innovation programs in more than 40 countries. Together they are looking for entrepreneurs all around the world to apply to the program and solve three big challenges: being truly affordable, being accessible and enabling a positive impact on the planet and society

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The partnership will choose 10 startups and receive a grant of 20,000 EUR to develop their product as well as free housing to Sweden during the program. Startups will work out of a new coworking space in the heart of the IKEA Range & Supply Democratic Design center in Almhult, along side of the IKEA and Rainmaking team.

The program is part of IKEA Range & Supply and will run September 18 to December 8 of 2017. The best part, IKEA will not be taking equity.

“We believe that the IKEA scale and impact merged with our network and experience from building startups and innovation programs will provide a great environment for the startups. The program will help them speed up their development and create innovative products and services that truly have a positive effect on people’s lives”, says Alex Farcet, Partner at Rainmaking.

Startups will gain access to their prototype shop, test labs, and gain knowledge from the IKEA Range and Supply filled with innovation engineers, creative leaders, chain supply experts and global network of mentors and experts.

You never know, when the startup is done, IKEA just might become their first customer, invest in their product or license their technology. Each year IKEA adds 2,000 new products into the store, and with a total range of 10,000 available, maybe one of yours could find its way to the big yellow and blue box.

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