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13 Design Tips that Will Increase your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

August 8, 2015

12:00 pm

A well-designed ecommerce website is the ultimate key to get customers. Ecommerce websites are meant to aid customers so that their shopping experience can be made a richer one, and this also helps in increasing the conversion rate for the website. With this, the point of designing an ecommerce website gets accomplished and additionally adds to the user experience. With a functional and engaging website, you can easily turn shoppers into buyers.

It is important for an ecommerce website to direct the customer towards the product or the services that is being sold. This can be done with urge shopping. Supermarkets and grocery stores have mastered the art of urge sales by stocking sweets and chocolates around the checkout area. Creating the sense of urgency through a web page is quite challenging, but the task can be accomplished with the use of terms like, “hurry up” or “buy now”. These terms will persuade the buyer, and for the website it is a chance to get higher conversion rates.

Here are 13 more tips to design for the highest ecommerce conversion rate: 

  • Large Icons : Large images are becoming the norms for electronic commerce stores. These have the potential to increase the conversion rate for the website. With large icons, visitors are presented with a zoomed out picture of the product that offers a detailed view of the same. Besides videos, high-resolution images are the great way to showcase the product. The images should be presented really well as there is a single chance to persuade the customer. Studies have shown that greater number of people list the quality of the image as the most important feature while shopping online. Large Icons


  • Add to cart button : An add to cart button is not just a button, but much more. The add to cart button needs to be a visible icon positioned attractively in a color that matches with the aesthetics of the website. Just offering a hint of color to the button is not wise. This button needs to be easy to find by the customer. If the buyer has to make extra efforts to find the button, he’s probably not going to make a purchase.images


  • Detailed product review: A quick product review sometimes proves to be the ultimate resource to increase conversion rates. Almost all buyers shopping online are sure to look for the review of the product prior to buying. Ensuring a pop-up window for the product offers an easy review of the product. Quick reviews help customers to get the product details quickly. It will also save customers’ efforts to wait for another page to load for tracking the information. An effortless viewing may add to the actual shopping.Detailed product review


  • Video: These are effective ways to convert shoppers into loyal buyers. Videos are slowly creeping their way into ecommerce website for the past few years. These videos have the potential to increase the conversion rate as they keep people engaged with the product. These are also helpful to grab the attention of the buyers. The video can showcase the product in several angles or it is also convincing to picture the videos of models displaying the apparel. Product-Video-Demo-Img-1


  • Responsive website: The trend of online shopping is increasing through different devices such as tablets and smartphones. Thus, developing a mobile-friendly ecommerce website can help get potential conversions. If a website is not providing a mobile-friendly experience, the business is missing a lot of conversions that could easily come with a responsive site. However, a responsive website is not all you need for sufficient online shopping; therefore, it is better to launch a separate version of mobile-friendly website. With a mobile application, bigger stores can also get huge benefits.responsive


  • Testimonial and reviews: These are important purchasing factors that are considered by a greater number of audiences prior to making the purchase. Testimonials and reviews potentially increase the conversion rate of the website. These suggestions are generally browsed by a customer when he makes the purchase for the very first time. Hence, positives reviews can increase the sales and the conversion rate.

Testimonial and reviews




  • Visual hierarchy: The arrangement of layouts in the order of importance is visual hierarchy. Our eyes keep on scanning everything that we see. In order to get the information that is important, it’s imperative to focus on one thing at a time. Carousel sliders may help you in this attempt but they are not ideal for conversion. It is better to let the user view a single slide at a time. This ensures that the viewers are not bombarded with a bunch of information.

Visual hierarchy



  • Human faces: Human faces create greater impact for visitors and are proven elements of increasing conversion rates. Human faces on websites grabs users’ attention, build trust in the services, help visitors to relate with a product, and guide their focus. Try to use human faces and relate them with your product; it will help readers to connect to the products showcased over the shopping website.

Human faces



  • Autocomplete feature: A number of online shoppers do not search with the right keyword to accomplish their shopping purposes. Here comes the requirement of autocomplete function. Incorporating this feature over a website will ensure the closest match even if users have typed wrong keyword. Inserting the wrong keywords may result in the display of too many products or the wrong product altogether. To avoid this inconvenience, it is important for ecommerce websites to use an autocomplete function to let the users get whatever they wish, with minimal efforts.

Autocomplete feature



  • Designs that focus on the product: The best way to get clicks through your online store is to create professional designs that focus on the products. Creating a professional online store with large images and categorized product list will make the search an easier job for the visitors. It is important to serve the requirements of your visitors within a few seconds as they will not wait more if things seem confusing. There are a number of other websites who are already waiting to offer a superb user experience; hence, try to offer the same to every visitor who is coming at your online store.

Designs that focus on the product



  • Make it easy for visitors to contact you: This is an easy way to increase your credibility and ultimately gain conversion for your online store. Displaying the contact details on every page, preferably right on the header, will let your user realize that you are not a fly-by-night operator and they can trust you. This will build the customers’ interest in your services, which is important to gain to improve the conversion rates for your online store. It also helps them garner a feel that support is just a call away if they come across any issue with the product or the online store. When it comes to thinking from customers’ point of view, missing contact information will create a sense that the retailer is hiding something from its customers.
    Make it easy for visitors to contact you


  • Address pain points: Customers may come across diverse issues while shopping from your website; therefore, it is important to address solutions that could help them overcome the same. Features, such as easy return policy and hassle free shipping, would help shoppers get a solution for the issues they might have experienced while shopping from your website. The visitors will always look for shipping details, that is why it is imperative to add the details properly. These details will also let users comply with the policies.

Address pain points

  • Display products’ price and features clearly: It is always good to be as clear as you can with the price and the features of the products. Additionally, listing the shipping cost will bring clear information to visitors. It is the perfect way to frame your credibility to shoppers. Providing clear information about the price and the features of the product will help the customers get overall review of the displayed items, which is essential for them to decide whether or not to buy the product.
    products’ price and features

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Tom Hardy has gained much experience while working as an e-commerce website developer at Sparx IT Solutions & CSSChopper. He is also associated with finding new information on increasing the social media techniques with the users. He also shares his researched work through engaging posts.