5 Innovative Startups Created By and For Animal Lovers

December 3, 2017

12:45 pm

The pet industry is growing in directions impossible to imagine years ago. Talented business people are applying technology and creativity to the animal kingdom, in ways that never cease to surprise us.

From health and wellbeing services to wearable and internet-connected devices, pet-obsessed entrepreneurs are coming up with unexpected, innovative ideas to improve the lives of their furry loved ones. Just like babies to mompreneurs, dogs, cats, and even chameleon stories are inspiring brilliant minds, to develop startups based on smart technology.

If you are planning to start a pet-inspired startup, you may first learn from those who have been there before. Follow entrepreneurs who have transformed their passion for their beloved pets into a successful business and work hard to achieve it too!

The following five entrepreneurs have one thing in common: they've all achieved their dream to work with and help animals:

Animal Therapeutics

Animal Therapeutics uses the most innovative products to help horses recover faster, so they can get back to competing and performing at their peak. The award-winning company sells a range of world-renowned products, such as leg wraps for horses, sport rugs, treadmills and spa units.

Founder of Animal Therapeutics and serial entrepreneur, Jo Schneider, recommends innovative entrepreneurs get out of their comfort zone and network:

“So many people think that going out and talking to others is underrated,” said Schneider. “Be proactive and learn from experiences. Find influential people within your field and ask for their advice.”

Dog Vivant

Traveling with dogs is not always easy. The team at this Spanish startup are on a mission to help dog lovers travel with their animals and enjoy new plans hassle-free. Dog Vivant is an online platform to search for hotels, day out ideas, and dog-friendly venues where canine pets are not only accepted but they are made to feel welcome.

When speaking with Elena Fernandez, co-founder of Dog Vivant, she recommended that other entrepreneurs should:

“Define your mission well and never lose sight of it. To question whether each action, each move, each opportunity helps fulfill that mission. And above all, surround yourself with the best team and always take care of it. Give them reasons to be as passionate about the project as you are. Share the mission to be your everyday mantra. They will be your best asset and accompany you on the hard and beautiful way to entrepreneurship”. connects pet parents with the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers. They offer services such as pet sitting, dog walking and drop-in visits to dog lovers all over the US.

Aaron Easterly, co-founder and CEO, shares his experience with other entrepreneurs and gives some handy advice:

“My biggest advice would be that each idea is different. They face different challenges, trust, safety and peers. While it can be useful to understand the similarities of your business and others, it is just as important (if not more so), to understand the differences”.

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter is an innovative cat litter designed to prevent potential health issues before urgent medical care is needed. The white sand changes color when it detects a problem in your cat’s urine. Pretty Litter helps cat owners save money because it lasts longer than brand name litter and reduces vet bills. It is also cleaner to use as well as eco-friendly, and even more importantly, it may save your cat's life!

Inventor and founder, Daniel Rotman, developed the idea after his cat passed away. He couldn’t find a way to monitor his cat’s health and detect problems before becoming a severe problem, so he created it himself. Pretty Litter now offer a subscription service that delivers a one-month supply of this innovative litter to their customer’s home every month.


The widespread trend for healthy living and wellness is not only here to stay, but it has also expanded beyond humans. Pet owners are getting worried about their furry friends, and they are beginning to share healthy habits with them. FitBark is an app to help animal lovers in their mission to get healthier along with their dogs.

FitBark was born when brother and sister, Davide and Sara Rossi, noticed their dad needed to walk more with their dog. After coming up with some solutions, they realized their dad wasn’t the only one who had that problem, so it had the potential to become something bigger and profitable.

As its co-founders explain, “FitBark is a small device that attaches to dogs’ collars and throughout each day registers physical activity data that the company’s software platform interprets for the pets’ owners. The Web-based platform gives the dogs what is called a BarkScore that shows how consistently they have been meeting daily activity-level goals”.

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Image: Flickr / Barbara M.

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