Instagram Settlement 2023: How To Claim the $68.5M Payout

As part of a class action taken against the company, some users are entitled to apply for part of the settlement amount.

As a result of a class action lawsuit, residents of Illinois are eligible for a $68.5 million settlement from Meta-owned social media platform, Instagram. The window to make a claim is starting to close, however, with a September 27th deadline for filings.

The class action accused Meta of illegally collecting biometric data, something which the company has vehemently denied but is still voluntarily agreeing to provide financial compensation for.

The settlement is open to anyone who used Instagram in Illinois between August 10th 2015, and August 16th, 2023. We explain how to sign up and submit your claim, where to find the claim form, and the potential Instagram settlement payout date.

What are the Details of the Instagram Settlement?

The settlement is the result of a class action lawsuit, Parris v. Meta Platforms Inc, case no 2023LA000672.

The claimant argues that Meta-owned social media platform, Instagram, violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), by storing and collecting biometric data about its users. In doing this, it is alleged, Meta did not comply with BIPA requirements.

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Meta has denied any wrongdoing, but has voluntarily agreed to the payout.

The case follows settlements from other big tech companies, such as Google, Zoom and Facebook.

How to Claim the Instagram Settlement

In order to claim your entitlement of the Instagram settlement, you need to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Have used Instagram, in Illinois, between August 10th 2016 and August 16th 2023
  • Have submitted a claim by September 27th 2023

Some users may have already received an email about the settlement. If you have, rest assured that the email is legitimate. If you haven't, you can still apply for the settlement if you believe you meet the criteria.

To make your claim, visit the claim form. If you have received an email about the claim, you'll be asked to submit the Notice ID and Confirmation Code that you were provided with.

If you didn't receive the email, you can fill out a form with your details, where you will also be asked what payment method you would prefer – Mastercard, Venmo or Zelle. It is also possible to request a paper check.

The settlement is also open to those who have previously resided in Illinois, but have since relocated.

When is the Potential Instagram Settlement Payout Date?

The settlement has been allocated $68.5 million, though the actual amount individuals will receive is dependent on how many people apply for the settlement, as well as funds left over after other expenses, such as administration costs and taxes.

The Instagram settlement payout date is also still to be determined and depends on the courts.

The final hearing in this case is set for October 11th, and as such no payments will be expected until after this date. If the settlement is approved then, claimants can expect their share of the payout within 90 days, so potentially by January 9th, 2024.

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