Kansas City’s TeraCrunch Wrangles Big Data for Multiple Industries

July 3, 2014

6:00 pm

TeraCrunch founder and CEO Tapan Bhatt had been in the tech startup world long enough to see the Big Data revolution coming before he launched his most recent entrepreneurial effort.

“I have been involved with several highly successful hi-tech startups in the data analytics space. So it was easy for me to see that Big Data Analytics is a revolution in making,” he says.

Bhatt noticed that few existing companies could transform data from any source and quickly build a next-gen analytics product, so he saw his “in.”

“I found some PhD Data Scientists who had done decades of R&D in this space and I used that technology to launch TeraCrunch’s Socratez Insightz Platform,” he says. “Since launching, we have seen great response from customers who are all struggling to figure out how they can solve their business problems using analytics tools.”

TeraCrunch leverages predictive data to solve a wide range of problems in just about any industry you could imagine – from real estate and retail to healthcare and education. The company’s platform uses natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, statistical, and predictive techniques to help companies make sense of the massive amounts of data coming their way daily.

Now that TeraCrunch has been realized, big data companies are becoming more and more widespread. I asked Bhatt what makes his company stand out from the herd.

“We are the only company in the world that has ‘standardized’ data structuring by enriching it,” he says. “That is, our Unified Socratez Insightz Platform can find the ‘who’ and the ‘what’ from any data more accurately than anyone else. This data structuring and enrichment serves as a foundation for building predictive analytics and other nex-gen analytics tools.”

For Bhatt, running a startup like this is the perfect fit – in fact, he says he always wanted to become an entrepreneur.

“I like that with the right team, right product and strategy, we can make an impact to large organizations,” Bhatt says. “We also have the ability to pivot our strategy according to the changing market landscape. Which is tough for large companies.”

TeraCrunch was featured most recently at our Kansas City Mixer & Startup Showcase, sponsored by DST Systems.

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