This is What a Lack of Sleep Does to Your Brain [INFOGRAPHIC]

December 26, 2014

11:00 pm

This morning, I set my alarm for 6 AM. Sure, it's the day after Christmas, and I went to bed at 4 AM, but I was fairly confident that I could wake up in time and put in the day's work hours without falling asleep in the middle of an article. Well, predictably, I didn't wake up to my 6 AM alarm and instead awoke at around 11 AM. While work is important, your health should be more important – and one of the things we fail to remember is that we're not invincible, and that we indeed need sleep in order to operate; a lack of sleep isn't going to benefit your work or your startup if you can't even function.

Sleep deprivation is detrimental to the overall health of your brain: it can contribute to mood swings, cause hallucinations, and even create false or impaired memories. This, according to a recent infographic published by Mic in cooperation with GE. While humans require between six and eight hours of sleep, the vast majority of us (at 70 percent) aren't getting enough shut-eye. The infographic is an attempt to educate us on what happens when we simply don't get enough hours of sleep. And, just glancing at the infographic, it seems that many of the signs of burnout (which ultimately contribute to your startup's success) are tied to a lack of sleep.

Check out the infographic yourself, and learn why it's important to squeeze in those sleeping hours every night:


(via Mic)

(H/T Mic)

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