How the Largest Tech Companies Hire Candidates

January 20, 2016

9:10 am

Have you ever wondered what it was like to get your foot in the door of one of the largest tech companies? Glassdoor, a site that hosts both job listings and information about the company you are applying to, is a treasure trove of information. Besides the company’s overall rating, there are important nuggets of information from people providing feedback on their hiring process and interview processes, and from those already working there.

GetVoIP compiled this information to create a graphical representation to show which of the largest tech companies had favorable hiring processes. They analyzed 13 tech companies and the feedback from the software engineers that applied to or were hired by them. According to their analysis, IBM (69 percent) and Intel (67 percent) had the most positive interview process, while Twitter had the most negative process (42 percent).

getvoip tech companies hireThe compiled data also included an interview hiring difficulty scale from 1-5. Interestingly enough the data showed that even if the interview was difficult, it did not necessarily improve the amount of negative reviews they received. On the other hand, IBM and Intel both have easier interview processes at the same time of having the post positive experience.

According to the research Google, Uber, and Amazon had the most challenging interview processes for software engineers. Among the easiest are IBM, Yelp, and and Intel.

getvoip tech companies hireThe average hiring process is also getting longer. According to last year’s Glassdoor report on hiring, they’ve identified that the average interview process now takes 22.9 days in the US. To that end, it’s also important to note that unlike smaller startups, larger tech companies don’t shy away from hiring talent from outside of their commutable location. In place of a phone screening and two face-to-face interviews, tech companies also add in rounds of Skype or Hangout chats and skills tests.

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