How Live Streaming Can Benefit Your Brand

August 26, 2017

12:45 pm

In recent years, the romance between live streaming and social media is getting stronger day after day. It is noteworthy that most of the major social media sites are gradually incorporating live streaming into their networks.

This raises the important question: is live streaming the future of the media world?

Facebook and YouTube show a gradual increase in people’s interest towards live streaming. According to a report in, in 2015, YouTube generated over $9 billion in revenue from its millions of video sharing subscribers. With over a billion users and over 4 billion daily views, the site has no signs of slowing down.

Facebook has a similar experience too. With over 2 billion active users in the world, the site enjoys over 8 billion daily views within the same period of time. This has resulted in an amazing growth for Facebook, making the social media site the biggest social media platform in the world.

The benefits offered by social media live streaming is responsible for the astronomical growth of this content strategy in recent years. To help boost your brand, here are some of the benefits of incorporating live streaming into your social strategy.

Interacting With Your Audience

There is nothing as beautiful as the ability to interact with your audience in real-time. When a real-time interaction is possible, communicating with them becomes increasingly easy and valuable. They can ask you questions, express their feelings, share their opinions, and contribute either directly or indirectly to your growth and success. The personal feeling your audience experiences while live streaming your interaction gives them a sense of instant connection. That is one of the main reasons why most online entrepreneurs and stakeholders are rooting for live streaming.

Marketers Are Loving It

A study conducted by Buffer in 2016 revealed an important fact: more marketers are taking to the social media for content distribution and business awareness. In an effort to get more result from their efforts, the report was published in the State of Social Media 2016 and shows that more than 30 percent of the marketers studied expressed their willingness to invest more in their Facebook videos while some 28 percent also showed their willingness to increase their spending on YouTube video.

When you consider the huge user base these platforms have, it becomes obvious that they are ready to take live streaming to another level. When it becomes a potent marketing strategy for marketers, it is definitely going to change the future of marketing for good.

Expanding Your Reach

Live streaming has a wide range of applications that make it appealing. From the technology industry to the entertainment industry, sports to security, live streaming can be incorporated to make the world a better place. The article, Five Trends for the Future of Live Streaming highlights important areas of life where live streaming will play an important role in the future.

Without a doubt, going by these factors, live streaming has come to stay and will play an influential role in the way the media world and the social media will operate in the future.

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