Lobster Media: An Image Marketplace Between Real People

July 26, 2016

11:00 am

While on the road to finding the global Startup Of The Year, we’re on a mission to feature and highlight as many rising stars as possible. From tech and hardware to entrepreneurs improving the accessibility of health information, each month dozens of new startups try to breakout and create an impact in their industry.

Meet Lobster Media from London, UK

A tech startup founded in 2013 by Olga Egorsheva (CEO), Maria Iontseva (Design Director) and Andrey Dmitriev (QA Director), Lobster Media is a marketplace where creative industries can find and licence photos and videos (UGC). The crowdsourced content comes from across many social media platforms such as Instagram, Flickr, Youtube, Vimeo and Google Photos. The team has eleven members working from London as well as from Moscow (their tech team) and remotely across different countries.

If asked about your core values, what would you say when asked why do you do what you do (as an organization)?

“We believe there is a lot of good photography out there on the internet and we come to both author's and client's help,” said Olga Egorsheva. “We want everyone to be happy and lawful in the same time and we try to provide as much support as needed.”

What has been one of your largest challenges as an organization, and how did you overcome it?

“The largest challenge was to make people believe we can change the existing paradigm – that social media content is free, unregulated, unable to use in professional work. In fact, once we raised the second round of investment, we have known that people have believed in the perspective and the scale of the concept. What has helped us? That we have convinced industry leaders, UGC/social media creators and tech opinion making press. Also, the UGC naturally has become a trend (just as we predicted at the very start), so it has proven everyone that Lobster has huge potential!”

What would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

“We'd take some photos and if there's enough time we would even upload them on social media while escaping.”

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