MediaHound: The Kayak for Entertainment

April 30, 2015

10:00 pm

A few years back Addison McCaleb was flipping through his on-demand streaming platforms looking for the ever-loved movie Elf, but the only place that had it was Amazon. What he was seeing was a fragmentation of digital distribution between a lot of different sources: Where was the Kayak for movies?

“I thought it was something I could build. That was the genesis of MediaHound: simplify the media and movie landscape,” says McCaleb, CEO of MediaHound.

As he dug deeper into that world, McCaleb began to notice that soon music and books would fragment across different platforms as well. There are a lot of different services out there that allow different ways to consume and find content already, but MediaHound was destined to be the singular, unifying platform for all entertainment.

So, alongside Wesley Burger – Business Development Manager, McCaleb launched MediaHound into beta testing, got great feedback from the users, and went back to their strategic partners to integrate music, books, and games. All of this, integrated into the platform, would help them build their patent pending Entertainment Graph.

“The Entertainment Graph interconnects the world’s media – books, games, TV shows as well as moods, themes, tones, genres, reviews, etc,” says McCaleb. “We look at it from the social and recommendations side: MediaHound can cross boundaries between platforms like Spotify and Rdio, iTunes and Netflix.”

MediaHound Entertainment Graph Logo SQUARE

As the team says, The Entertainment Graph and its technology is crucial for not just connecting the data. That is, it views how various data points interact with each other and how one point might lead to another: if you like the movie with A, B, and C elements, you’ll also enjoy this similar movie.

However, on a platform like Netflix, McCaleb tells me that it’s limited by its catalogue. In other words, their recommendations for you are going to be restricted by what they have the ability to offer you.

“MediaHound is simply able to cover that across all entertainment with no limits,” says Burger.

As it currently stands, McCaleb and Burger are getting ready to launch MediaHound publicly, as well as a couple other discovery tools they’ve been working on. They’re currently in their final private beta phase, and over the next few months they’ll be rolling out the entirety of the platform.

Aside from helping users like you and me find media content across all platforms, the MediaHound team is going to extend their APIs and technology to other companies and developers as well.

“We’re Really looking to expand that and implement The Entertainment Graph on other platforms,” says McCaleb. “It will help enterprise clients fuel robust content recommendations and heighten their social discovery experience.”

All things said, MediaHound has had a very successful initial start, securing $4.5 million in Series A funding before launching out of their beta testing. They're also active members of the USC Viterbi Startup Garage community, which has helped them grow to 20 employees to date.

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