Philip Alexander of Mentorial on the Shifting Mindset of Millennials [Video]

Martin Lucas

Mentoring done well is about understanding your own talents, knowing how to leverage them, and becoming the best version of yourself. It's a subject that is often misunderstood for the value and transient nature of how to model mentoring for the next generation.

In this edition of Founder Stories, we sat down and talked with Philip Alexander, the founder of Mentorial, a service that allows companies to connect people that are interested in helping one another. The company focuses on mentors who are willing to share their experiences and skills as well as how to learn, explain, and model what your people actually need to succeed in their specific business.

Philip has a rich history in people strategy and mentoring and we began discussing how he sees the world and ultimately what led to the creation of his company, Mentorial. He is a true analyst of mass people needs with some fantastic cerebral innovation.

Sit back and enjoy learning about the mindset of millennials, how technology has changed their thought process, and what it means to each individual just like you regardless of your age.

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