Miami’s LiveNinja Partners with IMRSV to Bring Emotion Recognition Technology to Online Shopping

April 24, 2014

10:00 am

Just last month, Miami-based LiveNinja launched Katana, their real-time video chat platform aimed at developing better understanding and closer relationships between businesses and their customers. This morning, the company announced that it has partnered with NYC's IMRSV to add emotion recognition technology to Katana, providing an additional layer of face-to-face interactivity previously unavailable to companies.

“This is the next generation of sales data for both large and small business. Previously, the only metrics businesses had to measure the quality of a call were recorded audio-only phone calls customers had with their service reps via their toll-free numbers,” said cofounder and CEO of LiveNinja, Will Weinraub, in a statement. “Ninety-three percent of communication is nonverbal, and many times it’s our facial expressions that demonstrate how we truly feel.”


Implementing Cara into Katana, real-time analytics on gender, age, attention time and even emotions can be analyzed.

By implementing IMRSV's Cara Emotion Analytics technology into Katana, brands now have the capability to analyze the various points at which a consumer was satisfied or dissatisfied – things that I think we (from a consumer perspective) can all admit aren't always voiced when engaging with sales or customer service people. Using a standard webcam, the technology will scan and monitor the customer's facial changes, and indicate whether certain points in the conversation affect their mood or attitude. To see how this technology works, watch the video below:

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