Athletic Apparel Line, Ten Thousand, Launches Collaborative Field Test

February 22, 2016

3:00 pm

Can you imagine going for a run or tackling your Crossfit routine without quick-dry, sweat-wicking clothing? Those materials that are so commonplace today haven't always been around, but now we can't imagine our exercise routines without them.

Clothing technology, especially when it comes to athletic apparel, is constantly being improved upon. Ten Thousand, a company that produces minimalist athletic apparel (and whose investors include Dave Gilboa, founder of Warby Parker) has made it their mission to simplify athletic wear through simplified, purpose-driven design.

With this in mind they have recently launched their new Endurance Shorts through a collaborative field test. They are opening up their entire product development process to anyone who wants to participate. This is somewhat of an industry-first, as not many apparel companies care enough about customer feedback to do something like this.

They are offering a limited release of a pre-production product for wear testing by their customers. This will allow their community to test the Endurance Shorts first-hand, offer feedback in real time and help refine the product in advance of a full production launch.

“Our opportunity is in using the technology and tactics available today to fully embrace what it means to engage in an ongoing, two-way conversation with our customers. Part of this is listening to exactly what our actual customers need and then delivering just those products done really, really well,” said Co-Founder Keith Nowak in a statement.

This launch is the first product released through the company’s “Labs” program. All future Ten Thousand performance essential pieces will be produced through the same process and the company will continue adding additional ways for customers to engage at every step of the process including comments, pre-sales, and design collaboration.

Ten Thousand is also innovative in the area of sustainability. They run a recycling program called One In / One Out, which prevents old athletic apparel from becoming environmental waste.

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