Mintigo Just Put Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud

March 27, 2017

5:50 pm

With giant strides in cloud computing and artificial intelligence, it’s natural that the two technologies could combine to complement each other.  Is it possible to receive predictive insights and purchasing intent intelligence in real time from the cloud?

The latest partnerships announced between predictive marketing technology provider, Mintigo,, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 will enable exactly that: an integrated technology that could allow businesses to empower their sales forces using artificial intelligence.

How Artificial Intelligence Works in Sales

The best sales teams need enthusiasm, passion, targets, and proper sale psychology training. But what if that same sales team was armed with invaluable knowledge about their customers? Pertinent information throughout the sales cycle can give your sales team a competitive edge like no other, and even create additional competitive advantages you wouldn’t expect.

Through CRMs like Streak, you can tell when people read your email. AI implementations go a step further so that you contact the right people at the right time and can tailor your offers to individual clients to increase conversion. AI applications are rapidly changing the way that sales teams engage with prospects and customers. Cold calling and working from a database are fast becoming outdated, along with jotting down notes in an Excel field or desk-top based CRM.

AI applications, like Mintigo’s predictive sales coach, allow large enterprises to automatically target the right accounts for their business. Account Based Marketing (ABM) features offer laser-targeting possibilities, using IP-based technology to allow sales teams to get their message to multiple key decision-makers simultaneously. By zeroing in on the dedicated IP address of their target enterprise, they can market to the right group of people with greater efficiency. Once tested, ABM could cut down lengthy sales cycles and speed up purchasing decisions.

AI can further bridge the gap between sales and marketing departments. A shocking 98 percent of qualified leads don’t result in closed business, making the gap more of a great divide. By creating improved synergy between marketing and sales and making mounds of big data useful, AI based applications can identify the “Who, What, Why, and How” of the sales process.

Reducing Human Error

Before the appearance of artificial intelligence, the opportunities for human error was high. Marketing departments sent “qualified” leads through to sales teams that then resoundingly failed to convert.

A perfectly healthy prospect dropped off your target list for something as subtle (yet crucial) as the wrong contact in the right company or an irrelevant offer to a relevant client. Through laser-sharp targeting and intelligent insights, human error can be eliminated at every contact point.

Ensuring the Right Solution

Businesses often fail to convert leads because they offer the wrong solution. But AI applications can scan through big data to identify clusters and create predictive models. This allows sales teams to replicate the characteristics of their best accounts and match them to the closest prospective accounts with similar statistics. Tackling the “who” and “what” of the equation, cloud-based AI ensures that the right contact is offered a solution appropriate to their needs.

Identifying and Storing Customer Pain Points

It’s always important to get to the “why” of this equation. You need to figure out why your customers should be interested in your product or service.

“Mintigo’s Predictive Sales Coach for Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes users more productive with predictive insights and relevant messages,” wrote Jujhar Singh, Vice presient of Microsoft Corporate. 

Slicing through volumes of data to create bite-sized, pertinent information for your team allows salespeople to understand why your product is useful to a certain client. They can get real time updates from inside Microsoft Dynamics 365, such as when your client is in the market to purchase, and the particular pain points faced by their firm.

“We as marketers love the ability to provide sales collateral directly in Mintigo Sales Coach, providing a single pane of glass for sales reps to quickly understand marketing indicators and related content to then have an effective conversation with a customer or prospect,” wrote Jennifer Erickson, Senior Director of Global Field & Partner Marketing at CA Technologies in an email forwarded from Mintigo.

Thanks to the partnership, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers can reduce manual research and increase time spent with their customers to grow their sales. With large enterprises, the cloud allows for real-time insights and precision targeting, increasing conversion and efficiency all round.

“The beauty of AI for sales systems is we are adding actionable intelligence to give your sales teams an unfair competitive advantage. You want your competitors asking ‘How did they do that?’ That’s the magic here – automating the manual research phase done by your best salespeople and making it available to everyone on your team,” wrote John Bara, President of Mintigo.

With the integration of AI technology, that same CRM could be continually up-to-date and relevant. Another alumnus of Israeli Defense Forces’ “unit 8200,” Mintigo might just be on to a very powerful pair of integrations.

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