Mobidox Eases Identification and Measurement of Medication Effects

July 26, 2016

5:00 pm

Technology is evolving even faster than ever before. Healthcare, one of the largest emerging industries in the workforce today, has much to accomplish with introducing the benefits of tech incorporation. But here’s how one company is looking to better merge the two, in the hopes of easing consumer access to digital healthcare.

Mobidox, a healthcare analytics company, aims to “combine clinical and patient generated health data to provide more actionable insights in disease management and drug safety”. In short, their mission is to merge the gap between technology and healthcare to provide consumers with the best digital healthcare access that they can – especially when it comes to identifying and understanding the real world effects of certain drugs.

Recently, Mobidox shared what’s to come for the company; they write:

“We at MobiDox Health Technologies, Inc are developing an analytical platform to help identify Real World Evidence of drug safety and efficacy. Our algorithms and models will identify unknown or underreported adverse events of selected medications. We will identify the costs associated with these adverse events and serious adverse events and quantify how effective these medications are in the real world.”

With Mobidox’s technology, healthcare professionals will be able to use the company’s analytics and platform to better monitor how the drug is performing in the real world. Pharmaceutical companies can obtain insights into their own medications and their competitors’, and health technology companies can provide better insights on their own data to their customers

Merging healthcare, clinical research and pharmaceutical industries isn’t an easy feat – but for Mobidox, utilizing the convenience of technology helps to make this process that much more seamless. And in the end, it’s that convenience that will help make it easier for consumers to be in control of their healthcare.

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