How Mobile Apps Are Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry

January 7, 2016

12:30 pm

We live in an era where mobile apps have become a real need. At Google I/O, the largest Android developer conference, Google touted 150,000 developers responsible for more than 800,000 apps, while discussions with external research analysts puts the number of downloaded apps from the Google Play store at around 48 billion.

All kinds of mobile apps exist, from organization apps to even gossip apps. Gossip apps aren’t less used than any other apps; in fact, it has been shown that gossip as something essential to human social, psychological and even physical well-being. Additionally, findings have shown that mobile phones are facilitating therapeutic gossip in our modern world and has become a vital ‘social lifeline’ that help us to re-create the more natural communication patterns of pre-industrial times.

Gossip apps such as Deep are becoming a very popular method for people to stay on top of entertainment news and celebrities’ lives on-the-go. Deep is an application that goes beyond standard gossip to give you all you need to know about celebrities: their age, their revenue, their love life, etc. Details about celebrities’ lives and movie news is considered by many as real news – they are omnipresent and have become a real business.

We can take as an example the Kardashian family – there is a lot we can learn from them, not only about their lives but how to run a real business. They are currently the most successful family and are in their 6th season of their reality TV show for a reason: sex, drama, and gossip sell. For decades, celebrities were watched and followed on TV and the same effect is coming to new apps being developed.

It is clear that the entertainment industry has been redefined by the mobile industry. With apps, entertainment is easily accessed an unlimited number of times and fans have a new way to connect: to know all the juicy celebrity news, and get photos and videos right at their fingertips.

Mobile growth is moving into entertainment and advertising which is redefining how we engage with mobile phones. Indeed, it has been a while since phones were only used to make phone calls. Nowadays, they are literally fulfilling other needs. By using mobile applications, customers have all the information they need instantly, that’s why mobile apps have taken so much importance in today’s market, especially when it comes to entertainment industry.

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