Here Is the Most Popular Programming Language in Each State

March 31, 2015

8:00 pm

Fun fact: There is only one state in the US where Python is the most popular programming language, and that’s Wyoming.

Experts Exchange recently released a study on the most popular programming languages in each US state, and they found that PHP and .Net are on top. PHP is most popular among programming experts, and .Net is most popular among people who are still learning.

The data comes from Experts Exchange's network of over 500,000 technology professionals. They measured the number of questions asked and answered from June to October 2014, and located users based on their IP address.   

Knowing the most popular programming languages can help you make an educated choice if you decide to learn to code. More popular ones will have more resources online, more peers to answer your questions, more schools that teach it, and – maybe most importantly – more employers who need your expertise.

Here are Experts Exchange's maps of the most popular programming languages among experts and students:

Most popular programming languages by state 1

Most popular programming languages by state 1

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Image credit: Flickr / woodleywonderworks

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