Never Ending Singing Bear Becomes Reality

November 24, 2015

9:00 am

Imagine this, it’s your birthday and you rush home to see what goodies have come in the mail. After opening a glitter bomb that makes a mess of your kitchen floor, you see an ominous box. You lift it up, shake it around, and notice that it’s lightweight, and doesn’t seem to say who it’s from. After opening the box you see a simple teddy bear and all that’s with it is a note that says press my hand. You press it and it starts to sing happy birthday.

At first you’re delighted that someone would send a cute teddy bear that sings, but after two minutes you start to wonder why it has not stopped singing. Another minute goes by and you try to press the button on it’s paw to stop it, but still nothing happens. Five minutes pass and the bear continues to sing, and at this point you are digging around the box looking for a clue as to who sent this so you can yell at them for sending you a dysfunctional gift, but alas you come up with nothing. After 20 minutes you throw it in a closet, but can still hear it sing. An hour passes, two hours, three hours? Until you finally break down and smash the bear until it finally stops.

Although this particular scenario didn’t happen quite like that for Cornelius Wilson’s brother, it’s likely what hundreds of people can now expect after this bear, a contraption of cuddly evilness, has been successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter.

Starting at $10 a bear plus shipping, hundreds of people will be getting the signing bear as a result of the campaign. It also comes in both birthday and Christmas editions, which pairs well with their already successful greeting card that never stops playing. One might ask, who exactly is the brain behind the bear? For this particular fluffy prank toy, it comes as a result of a father-daughter duo and a lesson in entrepreneurship.

“My daughter and I brainstormed down in her notepad weird things to do. We wanted to play a joke on my brother, her uncle. What if we just send him stuff that sings a song over and over again that he couldn’t turn off? Just send him a teddy bear, he knew it would be innocent, and it would catch him off guard. We honestly just went from there,” said Wilson. “The second demo we had, we sent it over to him not saying a thing. He called me trying to figure out how to turn the teddy bear off. We had dozens of ideas, but this was perfect for our first one.”

Between Wilson’s history with pranking others and is interest in teaching his daughter about finances, this campaign was the best of both worlds.

“When I was a kid in high school I used to whistle in the classroom, the teacher would never know it was me. I talked to my daughter about being an entrepreneur and saving money up, but with this money she is asking me how much money we are making, it’s easier to teach her,” said Wilson.

When asked if Wilson considered himself to be the class clown, both he and his daughter confirmed my suspicions. “My daughter reminds me of that. ‘Mommy is the nice one, I was crazy one in school.’”

If you want to endure more than three hours of the bear, see the video below:

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