Nice Laundry: Adding More to Your Sock Drawer

February 5, 2015

10:00 am

Phil Moldavski was known for his impeccable taste in clothes – you could find him in a tailored button-down shirt, nice jeans, and a good pair of shoes, but one item didn’t fit his dress code: the white Adidas gym socks.

“I convinced him to buy a nice pair of dress socks, but it cost him $23 plus shipping. Refreshing his entire sock drawer took months and hundreds of dollars,” says Ricky Choi, one of the co-founders of Nice Laundry.

Choi figured that most people wouldn’t spend hundreds for a sock drawer makeover, even if they needed one. Choi knew he could come up with a better solution and they both quit their jobs to work on Nice Laundry.

“When it comes to buying socks, you’re usually choosing between cheap, poor-quality blacks and grays or spending a fortune on designer socks. We’ve been excited to build a direct-to-consumer model that delivers a premium quality product for a fair price,” says Choi of their company.

Here’s what you should know about some of their product offerings:

  • The company’s most popular offering is the $99 sock drawer makeover, which is 18 pairs of socks: “We’re all about having a beautiful, streamlined shopping experience. People can refresh their sock drawer with a few clicks by selecting packs based on persona such as Exec or Wild Child, and even recycle their old socks with our complimentary recycling program,” says Choi.
  • They offer various textures, styles, and colors such as their athletic sock line, which has an anti-chafe tab and compression arch band, according to the site.
  • New arrivals include the “EXEC III,” DREAMER III” and “WILD CHILD III.”
  • The socks fit US Men’s Shoe sizes 8-13 and Women 9-14
  • Free shipping is available in the US

Additionally, Nice laundry has a new subscription called “Sock Drawer Takeover,” which sends 7 pairs of socks to your location every quarter and a special edition pair of socks that aren’t available for purchase, but an extra perk of the program.

“We’ll send you quarterly shipments of socks that align with the season and trends we’re seeing. You’ll also receive different types of socks, depending on the time of year…” says Choi. “At the end of the year, you’ll have a full collection of socks.”

Nice Laundry: Making a Name For Itself in E-Commerce

While the e-commerce space has been growing in popularity, Choi says anyone interested in starting a company focused on fashion needs to listen to consumers and develop products people love.

“We then broke the record for most number of backers on day 1 of a fashion project, so we knew we were really building something people wanted,” says Choi of their Kickstarter Campaign. “Overall, we recommend making small bets, getting your ideas/products in front of people, collecting feedback, and iterating. Keep repeating this loop and good things happen.”

Not only is Choi happy about creating a successful product, but he’s also proud of his team’s ability to change user’s perspectives about socks.

“Let’s just say before we came along, socks were mostly an afterthought purchase,” says Choi. “We often hear from our customers that Nice Laundry is truly the first easy and enjoyable sock shopping experience.”



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