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NordVPN Teams Business-Focused VPN Announced

NordVPN, one of the most popular VPN services available, has announced NordVPN Teams, a VPN solution aimed at businesses, wit

NordVPN, one of the most popular VPN providers, has today announced a new product aimed at business users, called NordVPN Teams.

As the name suggests, the new product will take the focus away from catering to the individual, and instead provide secure VPN access and features to entire teams of people. For example, it offers a central place from which IT teams can manage permissions, add new team members and control other such group tasks.

NordVPN’s offering for individuals is one of our highest rated VPN services, so there are high hopes for NordVPN Teams.

NordVPN Teams Control Panel

What is NordVPN Teams?

Until now, NordVPN’s service has been aimed at personal use only. But, with NordVPN Teams, the company is looking to bring the same feature-rich offering to business and larger groups, allowing easier management and oversight of daily activities.

These features include:

  • Dedicated company servers – NordVPN Teams will offer dedicated servers for businesses, unique to your company, as well as being allocated the same IP address whenever your users connect to the VPN network.
  • Control panel – A control panel that offers oversight over all users, and allows the owner to add new users and manage permissions, all from one centralized location.
  • Custom gateways – Companies will be able to assign dedicated gateways to teams and branches, and even rename them, too.
  • Default locations – With NordVPN Teams, companies can set server locations for teams, which they will connect to automatically whenever they connect to the service, or when their device starts.
  • 24/7 support – Teams customers will also have access to a dedicated account manager, 24/7.

The service is expected to launch in the fall, and while pricing has yet to be revealed, those interested can sign up today for early access information.

“Even though NordVPN is recognized and awarded as one of the best VPN services, initially it was created for personal needs. However, the number of our business clients is growing every day, and we wanted to create a product that can better meet their needs and expectations. That’s how NordVPN Teams was born.” – Marty P. Kamden, CMO at NordVPN.

What are the Benefits of a Business Using a VPN?

With many businesses operating from more than one location, and with remote working more popular than ever, companies are finding that their staff can be spread across multiple regions. That can mean some staff may be working from their home, or in a different office in another state or even country.

When these users need to access information on company servers, outside of the company’s own infrastructure, they are in danger of compromising security, endangering valuable business information. This could see a company targeted by malware, scammers or even competitors.

With a VPN, every individual at the company, wherever they are based, can access sensitive company data with a fully secure connection. With a service such as NordVPN Teams, the company VPN can also be controlled centrally by the IT department.

A VPN also mitigates the danger of connecting to unsecured networks, whether this is the WiFi at the local coffee shop, or a shared office space. With a VPN service, staff can protect their company, and themselves, from unwanted snooping. It’s also equally important when staff are located in countries with much more stringent internet laws and need unfettered access to vital information, which could otherwise be blocked.

Practically speaking, staff could each be allocated personal VPN accounts. But, this is a somewhat inelegant solution, as it removes any central control from the company itself, and it can also be very expensive for larger companies, who could find themselves paying for hundreds or thousands of accounts each month.

A business solution consolidates costs by having a sliding price range, depending on the number of licences you need to purchase.

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Is NordVPN Any Good?

NordVPN is on the best recognised VPN services out there, and, as we found in our testing, deservedly so. When we reviewed NordVPN’s personal service, we rated it as one of the best VPNs available, beating other household names such as Express VPN and TorGuard.

What made NordVPN so good? Well, there’s plenty to choose from. But, we were particularly impressed with its extensive security features, a vital component for any VPN.

While we felt that some competitors arguably just paid lip service to protecting your identity, NordVPN really went the extra mile, thanks to its military grade 256-bit AES encryption – something that it will be carrying over to NordVPN Teams.

During our testing, we checked for any potential data leaks or weaknesses, and found NordVPN to be watertight.

We also liked the sheer number of servers that NordVPN gave users access to. Operating in 60 countries and with thousands of servers to choose from, we never had any trouble connecting to the region of our choice. And, when we did, speeds were pleasingly fast. In fact, NordVPN is one of the fastest VPN services that we’ve tested at

With a strong product already available for individuals, we have high expectations from NordVPN Teams offering.

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