Not a fan of Nest? Meet Two Dropcam Alternatives

January 14, 2015

11:00 am

Nest is an amazing company, bringing us some innovative and amazing household gadgets in the last few years. The Thermostat and the Smoke + Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm are probably their most well-known products but, in fact, Nest's work is not confined to those products.

One example of this is Dropcam, a company owned by Nest. It offers a fully-featured home monitoring system, that allows homeowners to increase their sense of security, by having a picture of what is happening while they are away. But it is not the only service available in the market, so let's meet two other interesting and strong competitors.


Oco is yet another amazing home monitoring system that lets homeowners record what goes on inside their home, with live-streaming to the cloud. This allows for monitoring of children, pets, or even elders who are left at home, with a very useful two-way audio feature, allowing distance communication.

This also works for small businesses to monitor an office location, a warehouse, or a shop. It works along with a mobile app, available both for iOS and Android (highly rated on their respective app stores), where the user can receive notifications if the Oco camera detects any movement or noises when it is not supposed to.

The Oco system uses video-to-cloud technology to transmit the video feed to the user, allowing the access to archived footage as well. In addition, the camera is able to be moved and not bound to a specific location.


Despite being very similar to Oco, with obvious similarities in the camera's hardware, simplicam is another home surveillance system that sets itself apart on one feature: night vision, which uses an advance low-contrast setting to give a clear picture, even in the dark.

But simplicam brings yet another innovation, this one absolutely stunning (even though it is still being developed, in a beta phase): face recognition. With this feature, users are notified when someone they know is home, or in the unfortunate event that someone unknown is in the house.

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