LoveThatFit Revamps Technologies for More Accurate Online Clothing Shopping

May 3, 2013

5:00 pm

In August, Tech Cocktail covered LoveThatFit, a platform for online clothing shopping, and dug into what inspired founder Gina Mancuso to start her venture. Almost a year later, we went back to see how Mancuso is doing with her third major business venture.

Since October, when LoveThatFit received funding from Covenant Capitol, the focus has been on refining and strengthening the technical side of LoveThatFit. Mancuso wants there to be no issue when it is publicly released.

“Quick and accurate are the two words that embody our mentality these days,” says Mancuso.

When you’re shopping online, LoveThatFit helps you figure out how a particular dress or shirt will fit. Users upload a full body picture when registering for their LoveThatFit account and answer a few questions about measurements to pin down their size.

But the tech team is attempting to speed up that process. To accomplish this, they are working on algorithms that gather precise measurements from the uploaded photo. Aside from reducing registration times, this could help individuals determine their own measurements if they are otherwise unaware.

The tech investment allowed Mancuso to bring on a specialized team of individuals dedicated to building the algorithms and technologies that fuel LoveThatFit. Currently, the program is 90 percent accurate with regard to how clothes fit users.

“Fifty to 70 percent of online clothing is returned due to a poor fit,” explains Mancuso. LoveThatFit looks to eliminate the poor fit and optimize the online shopping world.

The team is working on a secondary technology to be used in stores. Sometimes people do not have time to select clothes, try them on, and decide. LoveThatFit will soon offer users a way to upload clothes in-store to their account after taking pictures of them.

This new feature is a bit further away, though, as Mancuso is working to partner up with large retailers like GAP or J. Crew. After a user base of about five to ten thousand is established, LoveThatFit will start shooting for major partnerships.

“We try to keep it as simple as possible here,” says Mancuso, chuckling, “but it is always a challenge.”

 LoveThatFit was featured at Tech Cocktail’s DC Mixer and Startup Showcase in February.

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