Open-Source Password Manager from Proton Now Available

The new service is free to use and can secure unlimited passwords on unlimited devices to better protect your data.

Keeping your passwords secure just got even easier, as Proton just announced that its open-source password manager is officially live and available for free.

Password security is one of the primary drivers of data breaches and security leaks in 2023. While the tool is an effective way to protect information when used properly, the reality is that very few users follow password best practices, leading to gaps in security across your online accounts.

Luckily, password managers are the best way to follow those best practices, and this new service from Proton could be one of the top options available.

Proton Pass: An Open-Source Password Manager

Proton, the company behind Proton Mail, has officially launched its own password manager, dubbed Proton Pass.

“At its core, a password manager is a tool that helps you generate secure passwords and save them, so you never forget a password again. If you care about your security and privacy, you should use a service like Proton Pass because passwords are still the first line of defense for most online accounts.” – Andy Yen, founder and CEO of Proton in a blog post

The beta for the service was released a few months ago, but now, it’s official: the service is available for everyone, starting this week.

What Sets Proton Pass Apart?

Right out of the gate, there is a lot of good about Proton Pass that will attract new users committed to password security. For starters, Proton Pass will be available for free, offering unlimited logins on unlimited devices. There are, of course, paid plans that add features, but the core functionality of the free plan is quite substantial.

Even better, the service is end-to-end encrypted across all fields, fully protecting your usernames, web addresses, emails, and passwords from any bad actors. Most password managers only protect the password field, which is only part of the picture.

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Additionally, in keeping with the company’s overall commitment to transparency, Proton Pass is open source, which means that anyone in the world can investigate the Proton Pass security infrastructure to ensure its entirely secured.

Is Password Security Actually Important?

You might be thinking that password security doesn’t actually matter in the business world. After all, your password has been “password” for the better part of a decade, and you haven’t been hacked yet, right?

Well, while you may have gotten luck with the most common password in the entire world, rest assured, you’re gambling with your own data and potentially the data of your entire business. Passwords are typically the primary means by which hackers gain access to stolen accounts, which could result in everything from lost finances to stolen identities.

Even worse, security breaches like the ones facilitated by password theft can be catastrophic. In fact, one study found that breaches cost businesses on average $10 million in lost revenue and hampered productivity.

Simply put, a tool like Proton Pass could make a big difference for your business in the long run, providing you with the protection you need to keep those millions in the bank, rather than floating around the dark web.

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