10 Ways to Optimize Your Brand for the Digital World

April 25, 2015

8:00 pm

Digital devices have made their way in our lives. Laptops, smartphones, mobiles and tablets have enabled us to remain connected with the digital marketing channels all the time. Brands have to revamp their current marketing strategies in order to reach audiences who are spending more time watching videos on YouTube than to watching television.

This shift towards online digital media has forced marketers to rethink the methods through which they reach their audiences who are not omnipresent on a single channel. The demand is for a segmented marketing strategy that caters to the needs of the users present on search engines like Google or Yahoo, on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, and on highly popular niche based sites like TripAdvisor.

Some brands are still solely targeting their customers via traditional marketing channels like TV, radio, and billboards, but ignoring the current digital marketing channels like search engines and social media. The biggest advantage that modern digital marketing channels provides is the availability of the customer 24/7. The power of apps have given flexibility brands – allowing them to remain connected with audiences all the time.

Here are some strategies that brands need to consider in order to become successful in today’s online world:

1. Reward Loyal Customers and Reviewers

Customers love to be rewarded and brands loved to be talked about. What if we connected these 2 together? Start rewarding your loyal customers and ask them to add reviews on your site. Don’t forget to add video testimonials; Tanja Tudhope, Director of New Business at Memory Tree Video Productions believes that video testimonials are a great way to broadcast your message to a variety of audiences. Text-based testimonials are the thing of the past; the modern era demands everything in video.

2. Build a Platform For People to Interact

How about adding a separate Q&A section or forum on your site where people can easily interact with each other? This type of community actually helps in receiving extra traffic and conversions, as well as also helps in customer retention and branding.

3. Target Influencers to Spread The Voice

Influencer marketing is the most trusted marketing strategy in demand today. Leveraging the power of influencers to spread the voice of your brand is a great way to build trust in the minds of your audience. Believe me, building trust is the first step for successful branding.

4. Focus on Online Reputation Management

ORM or Online Reputation Management is one of the most necessary aspects of online marketing. Unfortunately, most brands keep on ignoring it to a level until it starts hurting the image and revenue of the company. ORM should be done by specialists because incorrect strategies can directly impact the branding of the organization.

5. Attract Customers for Word-of-Mouth Promotion

Your marketing strategy should be intelligent enough to attract customers who become willing to do word-of-mouth promotion on your behalf. It’s not easy, but not that difficult either. Some strategies like reward coupons, cashbacks, free shipping, and customized offers can make the customer happy. You can also attract new customers by displaying your coupons on other coupon distributing sites like Couponmachine or Snapdeal. This is an awesome way to get more customers and revenue.

6. Connect with Customers Through Apps

Apps are taking the world by storm. Everyday thousands of new apps are launched. For brands to become successful, a well-organized app is an essential first step. Soon, websites will be the thing of the past and most online transactions will happen with the help of apps. Brands looking to solidify their marketing strategy must seriously consider creating an app through which to build a greater audience.

7. Segment Local and Global Audiences

The local audience behaves differently compared to the global audience. Brands should segment their strategy to target local and global audiences. For example, local audiences have different marketing modes and influencers, while global customers rely on other channels.

8. Focus on PPC and Retargeting

Paid promotion is an intergral part of every marketing strategy because paid channels always help to send conversions and traffic more easily. Opting for remarketing allows you to target customers who are already interested in buying your products.

9. Focus on Brand Outreach via Pinterest and YouTube

Pinterest has become the number one source of referral traffic. Rich pins are a great way to promote your products on this widely popular image-based marketing channel. YouTube is the second-most visited search engine of this world after Google. If your brand is missing it’s presence there, then you will surely miss a lot of potential customers. For a brand to become popular, it is absolutely essential to invest in video marketing.

10. Make Your Brand Recognizable

In this vastly competitive world, a clutter-free space is a tough nut to crack. Hence, making your brand recognizable in the lot is not easy. The greater the visibility, the more recognizable your brand becomes. The best strategy to follow is to make your brand visible from all channels of marketing like search engines (both organic and inorganic), social media, app stores, affiliate marketing, and video marketing. While a good amount of budget is required to enhance this visibility, it might prove really successful in the longer run.

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