Most Popular Languages in GitHub [INFOGRAPHIC]

April 20, 2015

8:00 pm

Here on Tech.Co, we’ve looked at the most popular programming language in each state, observed various programming languages in terms of their growth and popularity, and provided you information on which programming languages could earn you the most money. Well, now, according to a recently published infographic by Loggly, we now know some of the most popular languages in GitHub since 2012.

Boasting more than 9 million users on its platform, GitHub is arguably one of the best places to determine which programming language is the most popular among developers. Using data since 2012 from sources like GitHub Archive and GitHut, Loggly was able to track the 15 most popular languages used by GitHub users. According to the infographic by Loggly, the top five most popular “languages” in GitHub are JavaScript, Java, Python, CSS, and PHP.

But, honestly, it’s a pretty terrible infographic. For one, some of the things designated as programming languages aren’t even languages. I mean, things like CSS and Puppet (which, yours truly just learned was a thing) aren’t even languages. And the information is pretty hard to decipher; we had to reach out to developers to figure out what the Erlenmeyer flask stood for (it’s for the previously mentioned Puppet – which is apparently rarely used and isn’t itself a language anyway).

It does serve some minimal purpose in that it shows the changes in popularity among the various programming languages. So, I mean, I guess there’s that. Check out the infographic below:


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