Power Dialer, a Must-Have Tool for the Modern SDR

August 28, 2015

10:00 am

The world of sales is hard, which is why it’s important to have the best possible tools on hand, which in the end, helps increase productivity and reduce costs and time losses. SalesLoft is a company that invests greatly on innovation inside the sales world, like it has been recently mentioned here.

Now they came up with another interesting and useful tool, one that promises to make life easier for the modern SDR (Sales Development Reps): meet Power Dialer, the first tool to combine email and and phone into one single platform, allowing SDRs to set more appointments and demos, while also making it easier to contact clients.

Power Dialer allows users to integrate email and phone, with that, track all outbound activities in one system. In addition, it also makes possible to automate several different tasks, like managing workflows and dialing numbers. You can even automate voicemails too. With this app, SDRs can queue lists of numbers to call, and can do so easily with a call after call after call functionality.

This can be labeled as a “smart tool” – it is able to sort through all the prospects and auto-populate time zones, giving the user indications about the best time to call each prospect, something very important to increase call efficiency. Another useful dialing tool is LocalDial, an intelligent dialer solution that allows to call prospects with a number matching their area code which, according to research from Hello Operator, represents a 4-fold increase in the chances of people answering.

People working in the field know how tedious and extenuating it can be to make dozens of calls each day, including voicemails and call recordings. Power Dialer helps on this too, allowing SDRs to record some messages which can be dropped as voicemails any time. Call recording is also a breeze, something made much easier with this app.

With this handful on interesting and useful functionalities, Power Dialer is yet another amazing innovation carried out by SalesLoft, a tool that each and every SDR should try, to say the least.

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