Power Your Gadgets Using Your Body’s Movement With HandEnergy

December 14, 2016

9:15 am

Because everyone is so dependent on their gadgets, powering them can be a problem. Most of the devices we use today only last a day on a full charge, so finding ways of feeding them can be very stressful. The most obvious way is to use a normal charger, but sockets are not always available, and they take forever. To remedy this, we go for power banks, but even those can fail when we need them most.

To solve this problem, HandEnergy decided to use the energy source we have closer to us: our own body. They went ahead and built a pocket electricity generator, which produces energy with the movements of your body. HandEnergy is now live on Kickstarter, and has already surpassed the initial $50,000 goal.

How Does It Work?

To start, users just need to wind the starter ring of this small (70.7mm x 72.8mm) generator. After letting the ring go, an impulse will be transmitted to the built-in rotor, which will start spinning. At this point, the user simply has to rotate HandEnergy with their wrist, to assure the rotor keeps spinning.

The creation of electricity is based on physics: with an average speed of 5000 RPM, the magnetic rotor transmits mechanical power to the stator, thus producing clean electric current and charging the built-in batteries. The power held in those batteries can then be used to charge any gadget compatible with the 5V 1A USB output of HandEnergy, such as smartphones, cameras, tablets, and many others.

HandEnergy also features a mobile app, which allows users to track and share their power generation stats. This app also works as a place for the HandEnergy community to be together, with the possibility of comparing who has been producing more energy.

What Are the Advantages?

The market features several alternatives, like solar-powered power banks and chargers. However, this device is different and seems to stand aside from competition. For example, solar-powered alternatives cannot be used at night, because of the notable lack of sunlight. This is a limitation that HandEnergy does not have, as it can be used at any time.

In addition, HandEnergy contributes to the well-being of its users as, to power it, wrist movements are needed. Those movements are quite helpful for those spending long hours typing, so this is also a very positive side effect of this device. Last but not least, HandEnergy also produces clean energy, which is always a positive for our planet.

In order to promote the product, the company behind it arranged an international tour, the #HandEnergyTour. In this tour, more than 100 people from 9 countries and 15 cities tested the device. HandEnergy can be personalized, with many different skins to choose from when ordering. The device will retail for $99, but can be fetched for discounted prices if obtained from the Kickstarter campaign.


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