Productivity Tools That Software Development Companies Need to Use

March 24, 2016

1:22 pm

Do you often wonder where all your time went?  How productive your employees have been throughout the day? You’re not alone. Almost all of us have no or very little idea about the exact amount of time we spend on personal and professional front in a 24 hour period. And this unaccounted time can cost you a lot. To cope with these issues, a lot of productivity tools have been developed in the recent years and aimed towards startups, freelancers, and enterprises.

Here are 3 time tracking/productivity tools that can cater to the unique needs of software development companies and help them streamline their processes.

1. Toggl

Toggl boasts to be an insanely simple time tracking tool that is “built for speed and ease of use.” And they aren’t wrong to do so. This time tracking tool incredibly clean and is known for its intuitive design. It is as simple as filling in a memo with details of the task at hand and then simply start tracking your time with just a click. Once you complete the task, just click the stop button. Even if you forget to click the start button, Toggl allows you to use its manual mode for capturing your unrecorded time.

Once you have recorded the time, you can tag and organize all your time entries to create an overview of your day. You can generate detailed, summary and weekly reports using Toggl. Better yet, it integrates with more than 50 other online tools.

You can use the basic features of Toggl for free while the pro will cost you around $9 per user, per month. It also offers a complete time management package, starting $49 per user, per month.

2. meetingSamurai

Project discussions, weekly project status meetings and impromptu meetings are all a part and parcel of the software industry. It is no secret that effective status meetings result in effective projects. meetingSamurai is aimed to make your meetings better and more effective.

This tool offers features like creating agendas, assigning time and roles to participants and attaching files etc. that are incredibly important from the viewpoint of project management. You can create and access your day-to-day activities with the “Today’s To Do List’ feature, which consolidates all activities requiring your urgent attention. In addition, meetingSamurai allows you to schedule and send invitations for new meetings, run a meeting, record the progress of your tasks, review your monthly reports and so on.

It significantly reduces legwork before meetings and goes on to make them even more meaningful long after they are over. Also it comes with a host of measurement and improvement tools to further improve your meetings. meetingSamurai also features a Best Practices Library where you can find pertinent tips and ideas to improve your meetings.

This tools offers an individual plan and a company plan and all subscriptions are free during the beta period.

3. Wrike

Wrike allows you to “go beyond traditional task and project management.” From creating mockups to fixing bugs through to launch, there are several people, processes and products involved. Wrike allows you to integrate with these products and make your people more productive.

That said, Wrike is more than a time tracking or productivity tool. It incorporates features like collaboration, discussion and document sharing. Moreover, it offers version control feature which is a godsend for any development company. You can plan your product development using this tool, which allows for both Agile and Waterfall planning.

If you want to streamline your development process and improve business agility, Wrike is one of the best options available in the market. It is free for up to 5 users and the paid packages start from $50 per month.

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