How to Properly Use Social Media For Lead Generation

December 26, 2014

8:00 am

Most of the marketers that used social media in the past years managed to boost their sales while spending between 4 and 6 hours weekly on social media. However, this is only possible in the event that your social media strategy is properly built. If your goal is to get more leads, it is a good idea to consider the following tips. They will help you to make more money by properly using social media for lead generation:

Choose The Proper Social Media Channel

As we noticed from the 2014 social media trends, most marketers turn towards Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You have to be sure that you do not neglect the other channels like SlideShare, Google Plus, Instagram, and Pinterest. The 3 main ones are always useful, but the others can bring in extra leads.

Conduct research and see where your audience is. Analyze the influencers and where they spend time. That will help you to identify the proper social media channels that you have to be on.

Create Focused Content

Increasing lead generation is all about offering high quality, consistent content for various social media channels while also blogging. This is definitely tough. You have to create all the content you are about to use in relation to one topic at the same time. Maximizing leads is easier when you develop content pieces series. For instance, if you create an infographic and you submit it to appropriate sites, prepare the text you would use for shares on various social channels so that you can obtain a better engagement.

Establish And Expand Expertise

It is much easier to stand out when you manage to establish yourself as a high authority figure in the industry. Blogs and social media help you to demonstrate expertise. Focus on solving problems that customers may have and create content in order to get leads/customers.

Create Conversations

When trying to come up with new topics to cover, how about talking with your customers? Social media is great because it can connect customers and brands at personal levels. Fans and followers will love the fact that brands are reaching out so you should never be afraid to ask questions.

Since we talked about infographics earlier, let’s say you create one. When you promote it on social channels, how about asking for opinions about it? Your followers will appreciate that you are interested in feedback and will offer it, this increasing trust and the possibility to get leads.

Avoid Sales Pitches

Social media followers hate sales pitches, even if you use the best one. You need to minimize self-promotion if you want to increase the conversions. Your fans want to build relationships. They do not want to see advertising.  Use the channels as engagement tools instead of publishing tools. That will help you to get more leads. Try to engage first and then promote content.

Choose Your Moments Carefully

The information that you offer needs to come at the right time in order to increase lead generation. Customers have to be given a push in sales cycles and that only happens when you carefully choose the appropriate moments. You should always analyze social posting times and take advantage of industry events. This will help you to succeed.


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Author Bio: Boris Dzhingarov graduated University of National and World Economy with major marketing. He writes for several sites online such as Semrush, Tweakyourbiz and Boris is the founder of Tech Surprise and MonetaryLibrary.