These Videos Showcase Our Lives as Millennial Office Workers

April 18, 2016

4:15 pm

A new series of ads are highlighting what life is really like to be a Millennial office worker.

The ads, created by freelance art director Samantha Jayne, accurately captures the many thoughts that 20-somethings have trying to navigate adulthood. The videos specifically highlight the ways that Millennials interact using social media and how their presentation is altered. The videos were inspired by Jayne's Instagram page, which gained popularity when she began posting four line poems that detailed her “quarter-life #struggles”. She stated that they are all “100 percent autobiographical”, with the humor added in after the fact.

There's a clever relatability in these short videos, as they allow Jayne to reach into the Millennial experience to create something that entertains and resonates. Here's one example, as she highlights the excitement of pizza day at the office:

In a recent interview with AdWeek, she says:

“I really hope people take away that they’re not alone. I know these struggles are completely privileged struggles, and pretty much what you go through when you’re becoming an adult, and you make mistakes all the time.”

Jayne's Quarter Life Poetry highlights some of the best that can come from social media and Millennial interaction. With Millennials being the highest demographic of users across the board when it comes to social media interaction (with Snapchat currently in the lead), accounts like Jayne's highlights the creativity and innovation that comes from Millennial interactions on these platforms. It's also another addition to the dialogue of whether or not social media is harmful for self-image. Showcasing this kind of content can show what's possible for user engagement on social media platforms, and how millennials determine the trends along the way.

(H/T Quartz)


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