13 Remote Jobs You Can Do That Don’t Need Any Qualifications

We tell you what skills you need, and the salaries you can expect, from these entry-level jobs that let you work from home.

In 2024, many companies have been calling their workers back to the office, making remote work seem less achievable for many of us.

However, there are still plenty of companies which do offer WFH jobs, and rest assured that remote work is far from dead.

Better still, there are many excellent remote jobs that don’t require any qualifications. We explain what they are, the skills you’ll need, and the salaries you can expect.

1. Data Entry

Data entry jobs are fairly common, and usually don’t rely on the employee being in the physical office location.

As the name suggests, the role consists of inputting data into a database from another source. Typically, it’s from one electronic source to another, although some roles may send employees paper documents to take information from.

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Ideal skills: You’ll need to be computer literate, and ideally have a good eye for detail. The job can also be very monotonous, so you’ll need to be able to deal with repetitive tasks without issue.

Salary: $32k – $42k (Glassdoor)

2. Language Tutor

When you woke up this morning, a job in teaching may not have been on your mind, but there are some teaching roles that don’t require any experience. Don’t expect to walk into a school and start teaching a class without a dedicated qualification, but there are plenty of online teaching jobs available.

One of the most common entry level roles in teaching is teaching languages. Typically these will be one on one, and the students can be children or adults. Some online platforms require a bachelor’s degree, but not all.

Ideal skills: You’ll need to have a perfect grasp of the language you’re teaching, and be a good communicator too. You’ll also need to keep in mind timezone differences, as your students are likely to be outside the US.

Salary: $37k – $58k (Glassdoor)

3. Customer Service Representative

There are plenty of remote jobs in customer service – any company that offers a product or service will need customer service representatives to respond to questions, take orders, arrange bookings, deal with complaints, and more.

This could be via phone, email, or online chat, but all of this can be done from your home.

Ideal skills: You’ll need good communication skills, and ideally be a fast typer if you’re dealing with online messages. If you’re fielding calls over the phone, make sure you have a quiet work environment in your home.

Salary: $37k – $58k (Glassdoor)

4. Virtual Assistant

As the name suggests, a virtual assistant is an office assistant who works outside of the office. This can be a permanent role, but can also be a done in a freelance position, as well as working for multiple clients at once.

Virtual assistants will typically help out with day to day tasks, such as calendar scheduling, managing emails, booking travel appointments, and so on, but it can be a very varied role, depending on the industry.

Ideal skills: Good communication, time management and the ability to problem solve and juggle multiple tasks are all beneficial to being a virtual assistant.

Salary: $36k – $55k (Glassdoor)

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5. Community Manager

A community manager is responsible for being the face of an organization – usually over social media, or online forums. They are expected to liaise with customers and the community on a daily basis, and answer questions, create content and, in some cases moderate content too.

The actual specifics of the role depend on the company you work for, and you’ll find that most community managers come from the community themselves, and therefore have a genuine passion for what they’re talking about. It goes a long way if you are truly interested in the topic.

Ideal skills: For this role you’ll need excellent communication skills, as well as the ability to find answers quickly to questions that are asked.

Salary: $53k – $89k (Glassdoor)

For many remote jobs, a video meeting tool like Zoom or Microsoft Teams will be massively beneficial. 

6. Sales Representative

Sales can be a good remote job to get into if you want your work to be recognised and rewarded financially. Bonuses are commonplace for sales reps who perform well, and can significantly complement the base salary.

Sales roles are likely to be phone based, and usually involve tight targets with high expectations. If you can thrive in a pressured environment, and can handle rejection from potential customers, a remote sales job may suit you.

Ideal skills: You’ll need to have excellent people skills, the ability to talk positively about the product or service you’re selling, and be target oriented.

Salary: $70k – $127k (Glassdoor)

7. Translator

If you know two or more languages, then a job in translation could be an ideal fit. There are many remote translation roles available, and they cover a huge spectrum of industries, including anything from translating medical information, to checking advert copy for foreign markets.

Some translation roles may also entail other skills – for example, if a company is looking for bilingual support for its customer service department, you’ll need to be a good communicator, too.

Ideal skills: It goes without saying that you’ll need to be fluent in at least two languages. It may also help to be aware of cultural nuances, and if you’re translating documents, fast typing skills are a must.

Salary: $44k – $73k (Glassdoor)

8. Content Writer

If you’ve got a knack for writing compelling copy, then a remote content writer role could be your next job. Roles can be either freelance or permanent, and the sky’s the limit as to what you could find yourself writing about, whether it’s recipes or online guides.

Applicants with actual experience in this field tend to be more desirable, but if you haven’t got any, pick some topics that interest you personally, write about them, and put them on a personal blog, to show you can write well.

Ideal skills: Excellent writing skills of course, as well as the ability to write at speed. Many writing roles pay by the piece, so the more you can produce, the more you’ll get paid.

Salary: $41k – $72k (Glassdoor)

9. Proofreader

Proofreaders are often responsible for the final stage of a written work before it gets published, making it a vital role for many publishers.

A proofreader will read a text, noting typing errors and grammatical errors, and because the job is mainly reading, it’s an ideal role for those looking to work remotely.

Ideal skills: You’ll need to have a keen eye for detail, be proficient in the language of the copy, and know your colons from your commas.

Salary: $40k – $65k (Glassdoor)

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10. Transcriptionist

While it’s true that some companies have turned to software to transcribe audio these days, there is still a need for transcriptionists out there.

In the role you may be tasked with transcribing TV shows, films, podcasts, and more. The role tends to be freelance, giving you the chance to work for several companies at the same time.

Ideal skills: Fast typing, good attention to detail, ability to focus for long periods.

Salary: $42k – $66k (Glassdoor)

11. Fitness Instructor

The pandemic upended a lot of roles, but no more so than those that had traditionally been done in-person. Many fitness instructors were forced to move online and do their job over Zoom, but rather than proving an issue, it actually meant they were able to vastly expand their customer base, globally.

Now, fitness classes online are nothing new, and there’s a whole industry built around it (Peloton’s business model relies on it). It can be a good remote job if you take your own fitness seriously and want to see others succeed.

While accredited fitness instructors are sure to gain a higher salary and more clients, you could work towards these qualifications as you go.

Ideal skills: Ability to teach others at different levels of skill, understanding of biology and the human body, experience of training and keeping fit.

Salary: $43k – $74k (Glassdoor)

12. Tech Support Specialist

No matter how tech savvy we may think we are, there’s always a point in time when we need help, and thankfully, there are plenty of tech support experts out there to offer guidance.

It’s a job that can easily be done from home, and tech support staff can either work for one organization, or represent several at once, fielding calls on numerous matters as they come in. The roles tend to involve helping customers resolve their IT issues, usually with the aid of scripts or detailed documents.

Not all roles are phone-based either. Text-based chat platforms mean that some tech support roles don’t actually involve speaking to people at all, if you’d rather type than talk.

Ideal skills: Patience, good phone manner, computer literate.

Salary: $42k – $66k (Glassdoor)

13. AI Prompt Engineer

Of all the jobs on this list, this one is the new hotness. A prompt engineer essentially gives instructions to an AI platform, such as ChatGPT, to get it to produce anything from copy, to program code, to images.

As the field is still relatively new, it’s a great time to get in, and, providing you’re comfortable with AI and know how to create killer prompts, it can be quite lucrative.

If you’re new to AI, you can always take advantage of free online courses to brush up your skills.

Ideal skills: Good understanding of AI platforms, computer literate.

Salary:  As this is a relatively new role, an accurate range is hard to calculate, but some roles in this field advertise salaries up to $300k.

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