Remotr Turns Your Phone Into a Handheld Gaming Console

April 29, 2015

10:00 pm

Phones haven't been just phones for a while now. iPhones and Androids have so many capabilities these days, and more apps are coming out every day that are expanding the number of functions a smart phone can perform. Now there's even an app that can turn your smartphone into a handheld gaming console.

Remotr is a new product by RemoteMyApp that transforms smart phones and tablets into handheld gaming consoles. Founder and CEO Avi Kaye and the rest of his team are big computer gamers and Avi actually met his co-founder, Redek while they were working on a similar idea – using mobile devices to stream PC games. From this, the idea for Remotr emerged.

“It started when I tried mirroring a mobile game – Angry Birds – from my Nexus to my TV. The experience wasn’t very good, as the game was obviously designed for a touch screen that you are looking at pretty closely, but the potential for a much more exciting gaming experience was there.”

Avi wanted to create an app that could stream actual PC games to phones and use the screen as the controller. He figured that if he could stream the games to a TV, he could also stream them to a phone. He also wanted to be able to take advantage of native phone features such as voice recognition and motion sensing to enhance the experience.

Currently the Remotr app is available for all Android devices, and they're working hard to get the iPhone app out on the market soon. The app is free and available on Google Play. Once you have the app downloaded, all you need is to install streamer software onto your computer and you're ready to go. They claim the app was designed to stream any and all games you have installed on your computer; however, they've also provided a list of games that have already been tested.

Here's a short video to give you an idea of how Remotr works.



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