Fear Not, This AI Personal Robot Means Humanity no Harm

January 14, 2015

7:00 am

At this point I’d be surprised if you didn’t know how Stephen Hawking feels about artificial intelligence – potentially, it’s life-threatening. But despite his warnings, the tech community is still seeing advancements and innovations in artificial intelligence sector inherent in companies like JIBO.

Most recently, Robotbase took to Kickstarter in an effort to procure some funding for their own artificial intelligence project, showcasing a personal assistant robot for the masses. And the audience loves it. Only six days into the Kickstarter campaign, The Personal Robot has already been completely funded beyond the $50,000 initial goal.

It’s always difficult to map out how a product as advanced like this will actually work in the real world, outside of a YouTube video, but preliminary tests done by Duy Huynh have shown major promise. The Personal Robot effectively sees the world the same way we as humans do; she recognizes faces, everyday objects, and even human emotion.

It has all the basic features you might expect, like facial recognition, photograph capability, wake-up calls, pinpoint language recognition, and autonomous navigation. But The Personal Robot also has some newer age features that are totally mind blowing.

As she maneuvers around your home or office, she’ll build her own map of the space with navigation and mapping algorithms. Once the Personal Robot has the lay of the land, so to speak, she’ll begin tapping into any connected home devices you have, like a Nest thermostat.

The coffee pot will turn on when she wakes you up, the humidity and temperature of your house will be adjusted based off her sensors, and she even serves as a personal security system that constantly patrols and provides video feeds of your home. Oh, and if you get hungry she’ll place food orders for you.

Now, assuming that Robotbase and Huynh can keep to their schedule, The Personal Robot will be shipped Christmas 2015 to the early-backers. It’s already at prototype development, but you never know what unforeseen setbacks may occur. Personally, I’m hoping for the best as the team works towards distribution. This robot really is amazing and assuming it doesn’t take over the world, it might do some good.


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