Robyn Kanner of MyTransHealth on Hiring With an Inclusive Mindset

June 2, 2017

10:50 am

Companies with diverse and inclusive team has shown to improve their product and bottom line. When it’s time for managers to hire their next round of employees or fill a position, focusing on inclusion can not only help with the larger social problem, but your company will gain a perspective that could help build a higher quality product.

“Hiring talent from a diverse or inclusive background means that you’re team will be that much stronger,” said Robyn Kanner, designer and cofounder of MyTransHealth.

Why diversity and inclusion is not a four letter word – interview

By making the decision to hire people from a diverse background helps bring a multitude of perspectives that will also help build your product for a larger consumer base.

“The reality is that you’re the one missing out on the talent who will make your product much better and make your success metrics,” Kanner said.

In this interview by Maine Startup & Create Week (MSCW), a week-long (June 19-23) celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit and highlighting local companies and startups in Portland, Robyn talks about the importance of hiring with an inclusive mindset, his part in designing a new inclusive icon, and working with a transgender employee.

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This video series brought to you in partnership with Maine Startup and Create Week (MSCW) and was produced by The Knack Factory. MSCW is a week long conference in Portland, Maine celebrating innovators, entrepreneurs & startups across Maine & the USA. This year MSCW is taking place June 19th-23rd 2017. Learn more at

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