This Router Leverages AI to Protect Your Kids

November 18, 2016

2:20 pm

Started in the 1940s, the research around artificial intelligence (AI) was developed solely with the goal of finding new features for the computer. It was nothing more than a project at the time. Nowadays, this is a popular topic and there are already several real-world applications for AI in different fields and industries,.

For example, ever imagined AI being embedded in your WiFi router? The founders of Gryphon Online Safety, Inc. did, and decided to create Gryphon, a smart router for modern families. It's aimed at protecting all devices and users, especially children, within your home by guarding the entryway – your WiFi router.

Currently, an average family has 10 devices connected to the Internet, a number that tends to grow with the advent of the Internet of Thing. In addition, most kids today have a smartphone or tablet, making them Internet-savvy from an early age. All this makes it hard for parents to control when their children are online, resulting in 70% of children seeing inappropriate content by accident.

This is exactly where Gryphon comes into play. This powerful and high-performance router works along with a mobile app in order to make the management of a smart home much easier. Other than the app, which aids you in managing the router, there is no need to install additional software on any of your devices, as all security features come by default built into the router itself.

By taking advantage of the benefits and capabilities brought by AI and machine learning, Gryphon can also automatically track all the devices connected to the network, being able to, autonomously, spot a strange and potentially harmful device, immediately warning the user and putting that device under quarantine. Gryphon actively monitors malware as well, thanks to the constantly syncing connection with Kaspersky's threat database.

Gryphon also allows parents to keep a much closer control over their child's online activities, as the mobile app makes it easy for them to, for example, define websites whitelists and restrict Internet access to certain times of the day.

If the kids want to access a specific website, they can send it to their parents for review, who will then decide if it is suitable for them or not. Given that, sometimes, it can be hard to assert the safety of a certain website, the app features a social collaboration tool, where parents can work along with friends, teachers, and schools to create a safer Internet for children.

Another useful feature is that the app allows users to easily see which devices are connected to the router at a given time, so that hacks to thermostats or cameras can be avoided. This is of utmost importance these days, as recent hacking events show that this strategy is becoming more and more used.

The Gryphon router can be installed easily and quickly, as users just need to plug it and download the app, which will then automatically find devices via Bluetooth.

Gryphon can currently be found on a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, where the initial goal of $50,000 has already been surpassed. Still, it can be obtained there for a smaller price than the $199 retail price so, if it interests you, take a closer look at it there.

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