Top Tech Companies Are Now Using Ruby on Rails

August 17, 2014

10:00 am

Tech professionals have hailed the Ruby on Rails framework as the future of web application design. There are no limits to who can use it; it is flexible (while remaining a powerful platform) and simple to use (while not compromising on key functions). Some think it is mostly suitable for small to medium enterprises, but that is not true – some of the web’s biggest companies use RoR technology in their core operations. RoR is a worthy competitor to the already-established codes and frameworks.

Now, let’s have a look at how is it driving the web:


Online shopping is one of the biggest and most important ways in which we as consumers engage with the Internet. It is expected to continue growing as key sectors experience decreased sales in their brick-and-mortar stores but an increase in online sales. It would be a fallacy to proclaim the end of the high street, but online shopping – potentially buoyed in the next couple of years by mobile sales – is here to stay.

Free Country, one of North America’s biggest outdoor equipment retailers, is built entirely on a Rails framework. Amazon is a global sensation that has experienced unprecedented growth over more than a decade, and Ruby on Rails technology forms the core of their platform.


On the subject of Amazon, they purchased Goodreads (also built on RoR) in 2013, creating one of the biggest book and readership alliances in the world. Together, they expect to expand growth in ebook sales as well as bring readers closer together. On a related note, Japan’s biggest recipe sharing site CookPad also uses RoR technology.

Business pages and resources are also realizing the benefits of the need to share information. The technology demonstrates its flexibility best where code needs updating often and quickly without too much disruption.

The other massive growth area is for video streaming of movies and television shows. RoR has the flexibility to cope with this massive demand and persistent updating, as demonstrated by the site Hulu.

Consumer demand drives forward

In this time of economic recovery, it is critical that businesses offer their customers a flexible and efficient service. Ruby on Rails technology offers just that. One of the most important aspects is that it is cheap while offering superb functionality. “Efficiency” and “cost effective” are things that businesses love to hear, especially in the cutthroat and fast-paced world of technology, and particularly for startups without a lot of capital. This framework is suitable and affordable for most businesses, regardless of the size of their enterprise.

Big data is the future of the web as people realize the possibilities of cloud technology and increasingly use the Internet as a form of entertainment (particularly with television, movies, and books). RoR, thanks to simplicity of design, is aiding web stability, offering greater capacity and a lesser likelihood of system crashes. Ruby on Rails is one of those technologies that prove IT platforms are adapting to the changing web environment and providing a diverse and inexpensive method of data management while offering greater stability.

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