Bartesian Cofounder Ryan Close Toasts to Latest Investment

October 20, 2016

3:30 pm

It’s always 5:00 o’clock somewhere. And when you want to have a quick cocktail, 18 seconds is all you need to get your happy hour started thanks to one handy device.

Bartesian, the world’s first capsule-based, single-serve cocktail machine is toasting to their latest round of funding and has big plans to expand their libation experience.

Ryan Close, the cofounder of Bartesian, said their most recent funding round led by their strategic partner Beam Suntory was “in the millions,” and will be used to expedite production, expand their beverage offerings, improve R&D for the next generation machine, and much more.


The recyclable capsules contain non-alcoholic ingredients like juices, bitters, and liqueurs (not powders), and they are used in tandem with basic spirits (vodka, rum, gin, and tequila) to create your cocktail. To date, the company has self-funded 15 of their cocktails like the Cosmopolitan, the Margarita and the Uptown Rocks.

“We spent two years developing the capsules themselves,” said Close. “All the actual mixing happens inside the capsule-that’s a differentiator from other self-bars on the market.”

With the new partnership there will be more mixology on the horizon. The company is developing specialty and seasonal themed mix packets such as Girls Night In, Mad Men, Holiday and Kentucky Derby.

“With Beam Suntory we will be able to access their IP on cocktail formulas and liquors where they have tremendous strength,” said Close.

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The company is already in the development phase with their 2nd and 3rd generation machines and working with hotels, arena suites, and other hospitality venues to offer self-service machines to their customers.

“The mini bar hasn’t changed in years and that’s really exciting for us to fill that gap and offer a customized machine to hotels, [especially for those] hotels without a full service bar but will allow them to host cocktail events and receptions,” said Close.

For Close, the journey from sales and marketing executive at a small enterprise company with a steady paycheck to budding startup founder trying to break into the business was a huge risk, especially going into hardware. There were plenty of opportunities for Close and cofounder Bryan Fedorak to throw in the towel.

“It’s been wild and we never looked back. For me personally it was a big leap and my wife is understanding and supportive. There are a helluvalot of ‘nos’, but they make you stronger,” said Close. “We are a small team of three, and we decided to go big and think this could be a major consumer movement – it was the right decision.”

Consumers can pre-order the Bartesian for $299 with an expected delivery in March 2017.

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