Salesforce Has Already Launched New Integrations with Slack

The CRM provider acquired Slack a month ago for $28 billion and it's already adding its first integrations for businesses.

Salesforce isn’t wasting any time, as the business resource giant has already added integrations with Slack after acquiring the messaging platform a month ago.

To say Salesforce is a powerhouse in the CRM business would be a dire understatement. The company represents nearly 20% of CRM market share, making it bigger than its next four competitors combined.

Now, with the power of Slack behind it, businesses will be able to truly ramp up productivity to reach their professional goals, no matter how aspirational they might be.

Salesforce Adds Slack Integrations

Four weeks ago, Salesforce acquired Slack for $27.7 billion. The deal was the largest in the history of Salesforce acquisitions, and rightfully so, as Slack has established itself as a go-to tool for businesses around the world.

Now, a mere month later, Salesforce has already begun integrating the popular messaging platform into its even more popular CRM platform, creating an all-in-one hub for any business looking to improve productivity and organize daily processes.

“We really want Slack to be the primary engagement surface for our users, their communications, their work, their workflows and the processes and the apps they support,” said Rob Seaman, SVP for Slack at Salesforce.

“Primary” is putting it lightly. As two of the most used business tools on the market today, the melding of Salesforce and Slack could have a serious impact on your business, as well as the business world as a whole.

How will Slack integrations on Salesforce help my business?

Salesforce announced that it would be adding integrations to all its popular services, including the Sales, Service, and Marketing clouds.

“What we’re announcing are these new capabilities to support that Slack vision for sales, service, marketing and analytics,” said Seaman. “And for each of those areas what we’re doing is a combination of articulating, both in best practices and codifying, how you can and should model your sales, service and marketing organizations in this new world.”

All this talk of productivity and seamless integrations is great, but what are these Slack integrations going to do to actually improve Salesforce and support your business? Here’s a breakdown:

Salesforce Sales Integrations

The Sales Cloud is obviously Salesforce’s most popular service, and users will get some great functionality out of the Slack integrations. The most notable integration is that users will be treated to a dedicated deals room. This will allow everyone involved in a particular sale — be it your finance team or a third-party vendor — to stay in touch throughout the entire sales funnel.

Other than that, Sales Cloud users will also be able to get daily updates for complex deals through Slack, providing information on meetings, important clients, and daily tasks.

Salesforce Service Integrations

Similarly, the Service Cloud is also getting a communication hub where employees can work together to solve problems. Dubbed a swarm, this messaging room will allow service team members to collaborate on ways to help particular clients and customers, and even invite experts into the message to tackle more difficult queries.

Salesforce Marketing Integrations

The Marketing Cloud doesn’t get a dedicated messaging room like the other two clouds, but it does add a bit of analytics power to the platform. It’s intelligent insights will be bolstered thanks to Datorama, another company acquired by Salesforce. Additionally, you’ll be able to get updates in Slack every time a marketing campaign is altered by you or another member of your team.

Salesforce for Your Business

We hate to repeat ourselves, but Salesforce really is a great CRM for businesses that are looking to improve productivity, organize daily operations, and generally make growth a serious priority.

In fact, Salesforce is our top-rated CRM for larger businesses, as it offers the most features of virtually any alternative on the market, with these Slack integrations adding even more. However, it can be a bit too expensive and expansive for smaller businesses, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you make a decision.

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