Top 15 Schools to Attend If You Want to Do Software Development at a Startup

October 3, 2014

10:30 am

Thinking of working as a developer for a startup after college? Or maybe you're hoping to land a sweet job at a great design firm? Well, thanks to LinkedIn, you'll now have more reasons for regretting your past choices. The professional networking site on Wednesday released its first edition of the LinkedIn University Rankings, a new college ranking system that utilizes the power of Big Data to track the desirability of jobs that alumni have attained in eight different categories. And one of the categories? Software development at a startup…duh.

In a blog post published on Wednesday, researchers at the company described the criteria for measuring “desirable jobs” for the LinkedIn University Rankings:

We define a desirable job to be a job at a desirable company for the relevant profession. For example, we define desirable finance jobs as finance jobs at companies desirable for finance professionals…We start with identifying desirable companies for each profession.We let the career choices of our members tell us how desirable it is to work at a company. To illustrate this, imagine there are two companies, A and B. If more finance professionals are choosing to leave company A to work at company B, the data indicates that getting a finance job at B is more desirable. This is based on the hypothesis that when a professional moves from one company to another, she gives the company she moves to a strong vote of confidence.

Currently, the LinkedIn University Rankings feature eight categories – all of which are trending career choices, according to the company: 1) accounting professionals, 2) designers, 3) finance professionals, 4) investment bankers, 5) marketers, 6) media professionals, 7) software developers, and 8) software developers at startups (because reasons).

The rankings are obviously of no use to professionals that have already lived through their college experience, but there's hope for future generations! LinkedIn also launched the University Finder  and Decision Boards – both aimed at supporting high school students navigate the college research process. You've got this, teenager in high school!  You are the future!  You can be the one to pursue that double-major in political & social thought and cognitive science!

Anyway, here is the LinkedIn Univesity Rankings' top 15 schools to attend if you want to do software development at a startup:


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