Give It a Rest: The Tension Between Sleep and Technology

January 7, 2017

12:45 pm

Technology is all around us. It is now in almost every room of every part of our house, in the shops, our cars, and our workplace to boot. The effect of technology, in general, has lead to some massive, great advances within our lives. From something as simple as a diary reminder for me to write this article, to your alarm going off on your phone in the morning, (or afternoon, if you’re looking to have a little siesta!) technology is inescapable. And this is, for the most part, super useful and handy. But what happens when you’re working with technology in the daytime and come home to it in the evening, and you’re in front of it at night. It starts to become a little too much, doesn’t it?

Technology has become intertwined in our lives but also in conversations when people talk about sleep. It is the idea that the natural element of sleeping is meeting the unnatural, man-made in technological advances and it could very well be messing with us when we try and reach the land of nod.

No Phones!

Something I’ve learned to do is look away from my phone early into the night. There’s a pretty good line of evidence to support the fact that the glow from phones has a negative impact on our minds right before sleep.

Phone companies themselves have started changing their own tech to accommodate this, inputting sleep mode into our phones and even laptop technology too. I do still think it’s a nice idea to slap away the phone when you’re ready to hit they hay and ready yourself for a few lovely hours away from the all-encompassing world of electricity.

The Perfect Nest

The one part of the world that technology hasn’t quite mastered yet is our actual sleeping apparatus. Make sure you’ve got the perfect bedding, a great bed, and super comfy blankets in order to get the best rest. You’re never going to be fit for work if you aren’t even trying to sleep the best you can, so seek out the best of the best when it comes to getting some rest.

Tech to Your Advantage

One way in which technology may be able to be your guide in sleep situations is using apps to play soothing, simple music to you while you drift off. These type of sleep-therapy apps are becoming super popular, and the fact they’re becoming popular emphasizes the problem — people aren’t sleeping well enough. Be it whale music, be it a good old slow jam or therapeutic music the app is suggesting to you, make sure you give it a go. 

Leave Work at Work

Working within the technology world can be hard work, and working within a start-up can be tougher. New businesses are known for their thorough and ruthless working hours and their harsh boundaries between work life and home life, and now that we’ve got the ability to work remotely through a laptop and smartphones, we’re in constant connection with our work, or at very least our emails.

I know it myself, sometimes you really can’t help but look at your email, or check your computer when you hear that daunting ‘ping!’ coming from your device. But if you have stress issues or know that work can affect you even when you’re not there, try and get away from the email. Even allowing yourself to answer calls but ignore emails can significantly reduce the way you think and act about work during home life. Stress within technology is a major factor of work currently and it’s because we’re so close to our employers that we feel a duty to them, and this can often run through to our sleeping pattern.


They’re just a few little ways in which you can try and make bedtime a little more relaxing. You’re never going to be at the top of your game if you’re not fully rested and recovering, so what is worse? Being away and at 50 percent or turning off the tech and returning to full fitness? I know which one I would prefer, and it isn’t a hard choice.

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