SmartMat Ensures That Yoga Will Never be the Same Again: In a Good Way

October 2, 2014

10:30 am

Yoga: it’s everywhere. But more important than how many people join yoga studios every day is the fact that the yoga industry is worth a collective $27 billion. That's going to open some great opportunities for entrepreneurs to disrupt the industry.

SmartMat sees the power inherent in incorporating technology into our exercise routines: it's something that began in infancy when Ninetendo released Wii Fit. They've been able to successfully fuse this approach to working out with the yoga industry, creating the SmartMat.

In short, the SmartMat is an AI yoga mat. Fit with Bluetooth pressure sensors, the team has engineered the comprehensive, portable yoga mat masterfully so that yogis might track their alignment, balance, and get real time adjustments via the SmatMat iOS or Android app.

Further, the Los Angeles based company launched their Indiegogo campaign today, aiming to ship products as early as June 2015. At the time of this writing, SmartMat has accrued 320 funders totaling $75,291: their overall funding goal is $110,000.

The team sees their constituents using SmartMat to simulate a private, in-home yoga lesson or as a way to enhance a group class in visual-only mode. Any way you spin it, the SmartMat was designed to meet the needs of individual yogis over time; it's all about them.


“We built SmartMat because we wanted a way to receive personalized yoga instruction without having to go to an outside class or hire a private teacher,” says SmartMat founder Neyma Jahan. “SmartMat syncs with and analyzes each user via a unique calibration process, providing the kind of custom biofeedback once exclusive to private lessons.”

Backers of the campaign can enjoy a limited time only price of $247 – while supplies last – to get the first iterations of the SmartMat. Day one of the campaign isn't even over, and the team has already raised 68 percent of their goal. This is a classic example of how disruptive technologies can change the landscape of an industry in less than 24 hours. I'm excited to see how this one turns out.



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