SMS Service, Butler, Gets You Anything You Need

April 21, 2015

3:00 pm

Who wouldn’t love to have a someone to help you deal with some of your daily tasks? Butler allows you to text whatever you need done and get it handled. That’s right, you don’t need to download a beautifully designed app; you just text what you need. It’s like having your own personal assistant who’s always on call but he/she is invisible.

“Send us a text message, and we’ll order what you need from the appropriate services and deal with them so you get just what you want with none of the hassle,” says Alexey Semeney, COO of Butler. “Using Butler is like having a personal mobile butler in your pocket, ready to help you 24/7.”

Semeney, a young entrepreneur who moved to the U.S. from Russia just three years ago along with Butler CTO Nikita Berdnikov, believes the opportunity for Butler’s success is global.

“The first time you use Butler, we ask for your payment information and keep it on file,” says Berdnikov, explaining that from that point forward that information is stored and saved for future use via third-party app Stripe, which Butler uses to secure payments.

Sure Butler is nothing like Alfred Pennyworth (Batman fan), but according to the startup, there are trained operators standing by 24/7 to answer every one of your requests.

Butler joins other chatbox like services like Cleo App and Digit, dodging the app store. If you’re looking to offer a service that is straight forward and efficient, why not build a product that is text-message-first? One advantage is that you can focus on making sure the service works rather than focusing on updates and design.


Butler’s CEO Paul King assure users that “if you prefer convenience and value your personal time, Butler is for you. It’s incredibly useful and convenient for those looking to save personal time and simply get things done.”

Butler is King’s second attempt at building a startup. Previously, he was named a 25 Under 25 Entrepreneur for his GoCharge Media venture, which he exited in 2012. He admits he’s more excited this time around.

“We have a strong team and the product has a global market to scale,” says King. “It’s an exciting opportunity to help people with everyday things and has mass appeal.”

You can start using Butler today, just text 786-504-7124. And if you forget to tip, don’t worry, it’s included.




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