Snorelax: The Smart Alarm App Helping You Arrive On Time

July 11, 2016

5:00 pm

You’re awesome when you always get to the workplace on time. But, how would you typically accomplish that? Well, waking up at the right time, and getting ready for the work within a limited time, would let you reach the office quite fast. On the off chance, if your office isn’t next door, and you get stuck in a traffic jam. What now? Dashing for work on time has always been stressful. And, if you are delayed by the traffic conditions, you must be at the peak of stress levels. I must mention, stress isn’t good for health.

According to recent studies, a relaxed human is more productive than the one who encounters a lot of stress while doing the work. You’d definitely be interested in being the productive one. So, to help you always arrive on time and prevent stress, Nordin Ouameur thought of creating an alarm app which would resolve the traffic delay on your way to the workplace, once and for all.

Snorelax Overview

snorelax - ios app

Snorelax is the must-have alarm app for iOS devices to ease up your commute. It takes care of a practical thing – analyzing traffic, which no person can predict without having access to real-time statistics or a similar service which provides historical traffic data. And, even if you manage to get the historical traffic data and real-time traffic data, would it help anyway?

Well, nope. You’re still depending on checking out the statistics. What if you failed to check it on time? You won’t be able to call out for help seeking “Superman”. So, you’d be definitely needing Snorelax to do the job and you’ll be automatically reminded (kind of an early warning system) by the app when its intelligent system detects heavy traffic on your preferred route to work.

How Does It Work?

snorelax - ios app
In order to make it work, you need to decide an average time you normally take to get prepared for work after waking up. Snorelax needs to be told about the time you want to arrive at the desired workplace and how long you would be needing to prepare yourself. After you’re done with the inputs, it would utilize its database and scan through the historical data to calculate – wake up time – for your route.

For instance, if you set an alarm for eight o’clock in the morning and you’re completely okay with the specified time, this smart alarm app will analyze the real-time traffic and if it does detect heavy traffic on your route, then it would try waking you up before you actually wanted to. It’s more like an alarm assistant waking you up at the correct time to make sure you won’t be late.

Summing Up

So, from now on, you won’t have to be stressed about reaching the office on time. If you’re having an iPhone, it would be a wise choice to make it more useful and productive. On the off chance, if it’s an Android smartphone, you’ll just have to wait for a while to find it at the Play Store as well. You can find it on iTunes now.

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