7 Social Media Marketing Tools Recommended By the Experts

December 19, 2016

8:30 pm

Social media is not just for communication anymore. It's a great tool that is responsible for reshaping the future of businesses. While hosting to millions of online users, social media is rising as a prospective market for the businesses to promote their brands and market their services to the digital community.

Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, and LinkedIn are not just names but rather social media market platforms that have been proving their worth as forerunners in every company’s digital marketing strategy. But to make it big using these platforms, it is important that you learn about the tricks and hacks that are designed just for the sake of helping you out. So what do the experts recommend?  Let’s take a look at the top seven tools that are favorites of social media experts when it comes to digital marketing.


The key to being successful on social media is to be active all the time. It's important to make sure that the posts are shared at the scheduled time with your audience across all social media platforms. Doing it manually might take a lot of effort and time, but with Edgar, this is all done without much hassle at all.

What's even better is the fact that, with Edgar, posts and old content don't go to waste. It's designed to keep a queue of all the content that it uploads. Once a post has been uploaded, it will assemble it down the line so that the old content can be posted again in its due time. It allows you to create categories for each social media account and schedule each one separately. Currently, it only supports Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn but even with these three platforms, it is one useful tool to keep in store.


It's important to understand that social media is an open market where you and all the competitors in your niche are fighting for the same target audience. To devise your own strategy, you need to understand and keep an eye out for what your competitors are doing around you. What content do they post? What responses do they get from their audience? How do they attract more audience?

All these questions are important. Answering them manually is a hassle and a tool like BuzzSumo will help you out. It allows you to find the top blog posts and the content which has been posted with reference to specific keywords. BuzzSumo helps you gain a helpful insight on the needs and responses of your target audience so that you can prepare content as per their requirement.


Social media marketing is useless if you can't build good relations with the right people. In order to market, you will have to build connections with the right people who have to help you grow and reach out to a broader market.

NOD3x is a tool designed to help you reach out to the right kind of people based on your target market and connect with them. It gives you demographics of the people who show interest in the content you post so that you can consider them in your analysis as well. It comes with a built-in scheduler that lets you schedule posts so that the content you post can have the best impact.

Social Clout

To understand the workings of social media, you need to look past the number of likes, shares, and other such numerical figures. The true strength of social media marketing lies in understanding the analytics behind the likes and the kind of audience each post managed to engage.

Social Clout helps you with content strategy and scheduling as well. It allows you to see when each post got the best response on each platform so that you can schedule your posts accordingly.


Pictures make all content more interesting. It's a proven fact. Content that comes with interesting animations and visually appealing pictures tends to sell more than the ones that don't. But what if one is not good at graphic designing?

This is where the free tool like Canva can be made use of. It's a tool made especially for people who are not experts at graphic designing but want to upload creative images with their blogs and posts on social media.


Feedly helps you organize all the posts and content that has been posted online by your favorite blogs and pages. All you need to do is create RSS feeds for the pages you would want to schedule it for you, and the tool will organize all the recent content in a list form based on the topics and time it was posted on.

Staying updated on what the others are talking about will help you strategize your own content properly and would keep you aware of the industry trends as well.


Searching photos and people on Instagram has never been easier. Mulpix is a search engine for Instagram which allows you to find people, videos, and businesses on the basis of the tags, comments, and their names as well. Be it an old friend or a local business in your area, this tool can help you get the results you have been looking for. It is a free tool which helps compile results on the basis of location and forms sets of each location. Not only the tags, but it also allows you to compile results on the basis of names and comments as well.

Other than this, it can help connect the buyers to their prospective audience by enabling them to find their target audience with reference to some tag or comment that they might have made.



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