Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet for 2016 [Infographic]

August 30, 2016

11:00 am

Social media has quickly changed the way information is sent and received in the world today. For anyone who was fortunate enough to be online prior to 2005, you will remember a world of static one-way content that was quite stale and boring. Now through social media, the internet is constantly changing every second. With billions of users actively posting data and updates on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, the internet has now become more personal than ever before.

At the same time, it's also made the internet change at a faster pace than ever thought possible. Along with these changes is how social network users and brands around the world must constantly stay on their toes with how their brands look online — especially with each social network. It's not just about knowing when the best time to post content is, it's also important to know what type of image sizes and profile photos should be used for each social platform.

To help with this process, today we are featuring a Social Media Image Cheat Sheet. In the infographic below you will see a complete breakdown of all major social network, their recommended image sizes, and specs for photos and backgrounds.

In addition to the infographic breakdown, you will also find a quick summary of each social network and their preferred sizes below.


The cover photo for your Facebook image should be 828 x 315 pixels with a maximum file size of 100kb. The minimum size for Facebook cover photos is 399 x 150 pixels. Of all the social network images and background options, Facebook offers one of the best platforms for branding.


Your profile photo on Twitter should be 400 x 400 pixels. Your Twitter profile picture is your main picture that is visible to everyone whenever you do anything on Twitter. For a business, it is advisable to make this your logo. It should be of the highest quality possible while following the specifications of Twitter.

Google Plus

The Google Plus format requires a profile image of 250 x 250 pixels. Like Twitter and Facebook’s profile image, this image will be seen across everything you do and post on the Google Plus network. If you are doing it for your business, it is suggested that you use your trademarked logo or branding image so that people will associate your posts on the Google network with your brand.


The specs for a profile picture on Instagram are 110 x 110 pixels. The photo size for standard photos is 640 x 640. Photo thumbnails should be 161 x 161. You should maintain an aspect ratio of 1:1 on Instagram so think “perfect square” when posting on this medium.


Your profile picture on Pinterest should be 165 x 165. Viewers of Pinterest don’t go to Pinterest to see your profile picture, but you should still have one if they visit your page. You can expand your pin to be larger, but it should have a minimum width of 600 pixels.


On Tumblr, you should make your profile image 128 x 128. A square profile pictures that represent your brand should suffice. Viewers will see it when they land on your profile page. Image posts on Tumblr should be at 570 x 750 pixels. Images may be as large as 10mb in file size, but animations can only be one MB.


YouTube is both a social media and video platform, as well as a search engine. For this reason, your YouTube images should be spot on. Your channel cover image for YouTube should be 2560 x 1440 pixels for desktop users, 1855 x 423 for tablets, 1546 x 423 for smartphones, and 2500 x 1440 for TV.


Your standard logo image for LinkedIn should be 100 x 60 pixels. Your cover picture should be 974 x 300 pixels. Your banner image should be 646 x 220 pixels.

Below is an infographic from that shows the social media images you'll need.

Social Media Image Guide Blogging HD


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