Forget Typing: Log in Anywhere With Just a Fingerprint

Recently Splikity launched their platform on iOS 8, bringing a new service to users that safely and securely stores and syncs usernames and passwords. In short, it’s a password solution for iOS 8 and the iPhone6, but it also uses TouchID to enter passwords inside of mobile Safari.

Designed and built out for the everyday user, Splikity features automated everything. That is, everything from the saving of passwords to the syncing of information between devices happens automatically.

The whole idea behind Splikity’s launch was to release their new platform the same day that users were given the option to update from iOS 7 to iOS 8. According to the team, it’s the perfect app for users to take advantage of the new features on iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 like Extentions and TouchID.

“Splikity is here at the perfect time: hacking scandals are happening all of the time, we sign up for new accounts every day and we don’t have a simple and secure way to manage it all,” says Doug Clark, co-founder of Splikity. “Splikity is the simple and secure solution. And with the new iOS8 advances, it’s all the more simple – just log in with a fingerprint. And this is just the beginning. We can’t wait to show off what we have coming in the future.”

If you’re hesitant to roll the dice on a platform that stores all of your secure information, it might be reassuring to know that Splikity uses military-grade encryption when it comes to user security.

“Our encryption process ensures that no one can ever access the data except for the Splikty users,” says Clark. “From Splikity’s intuitive interface to simple syncing, every detail was designed to be intuitive.”


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